Friday, November 13, 2009

Comfort Zone

My comfort zone is like a magnet…it keeps pulling me back. And each time in the past I have tried to pull away (and would lose weight), I’d be pulled back to the zone, and the magnetism would be that much stronger.

My health is in question, now. It's not about losing weight anymore, it's about health. I’m starting a fitness journey…and I’m so scared. I want this to work and be a permanent change. I want to get so far from the zone that I can’t feel its pull.

I see the theoretical starting line. I’ve got my “shoes” on and my number. I’ve warmed up. I just haven’t walked up to that line.


  1. You can walk to the line and cross it! Not to say that you won't want to meander back across it now and then, but crossing it the second time will be even easier because you know you can do it!

    You can reach your goals - for you, and for your family.

  2. Thank you for your great, thought-provoking post today "Comfort Zone-Should You Get Out." And, sniff, thank you for your encouragement. :)