Sunday, November 22, 2009

First Report in Two Days

It's been almost a month since I began this blog. I'll be updating "If Numbers Matter, Then I'll Own Them" on the side in two days.

Blogging has been a great outlet for me. Even if it is just me here. (I DO appreciate the support, though).

I find I'm becoming protective of my blogging time. If I can't escape long enough to read, think, ponder, create, I am disappointed.

Am I becoming addicted to blogging? And is it okay to replace a sugar addiction with a blogging addiction?


  1. I think a blogging addiction is okay as long as you add in an exercise addition with it! I find that I can just sit, and sit, and sit in front of the computer. I've had to ration myself!!

    I'm so glad you started your blog and that you are sharing your thoughts and adventure with us!

  2. I blogged my whole way through the weight loss after my third child. One of the first things I noticed was every time I'd wander into the kitchen looking for a snack, I'd just walk down to the computer and check for comments, or a friend's blog. It worked...for awhile anyway. :)