Friday, December 31, 2010

Willpower vs. Willingness - A Thought From Mizfit

Love this:

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  1. Wow! This is the most quoted/mentioned post I've ever seen!

  2. This was a great post by Carla. It is semantics BUT if willingness gets you to do it more, than it works! Willpower seems to have a negative connotation with most. Not for me but I like Carla's take! :-)

  3. I guess it could be just semantics. I wrote something like this on Miz's post:

    I think of power as being moved by some force of energy like rushing water, fire, electricity, steam, etc. When the sources run out or aren't sustained, so does the power.

    Our willpower can run out, too, and sometimes it's beyond our control. Raising children, fatigue, hormone fluctuations, illness, and malnutrition from a fad diet can all drain our power. But there is something inside of us, our spirit/soul/essence -- whatever you want to call it -- is it willing?

    I think people have been beaten up with the word "willpower" -- i.e. "If you had more willpower, you'd be able to stick to this protein-only/carb-only/500calorie-only diet and lose weight and keep it off forever and ever. If the word "willingness" was used the same way, it may have a more negative vibe, too. Who knows. For now, though, I like asking myself, "Am I willing to (blank) for the sake of my health?"

    Thanks for stopping by!