Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Hip Bursitis

I was diagnosed with bursitis a couple of weeks ago when I was experiencing pain in both hips.  Now my moderately-active lifestyle has been reduced to almost sedentary.  No stairs. No walks.

I miss my long walks.  They help clear my head, perk up my mood, and keep depression at bay.  My mom has a new in-chair-aerobics exercise dvd for us to try.  That should help.

The good news:  the medication, an anti-inflammatory called diclofenac, seems to be kicking in.  I was more active yesterday. The goal is to do more strength training for hips and core.  And, of course, get the joint-damaging poundage off.

I've been tracking my calories and had reduced them during my sedentary days.  I had lost 7 pounds but am since up 2.  More adjustments.

Here's a quote from Angela's blog, Isla de Angela:  What if you woke up today with only the things you thanked God for yesterday?

I hope you have a great day!

Friday, August 5, 2011

A Woman Can Change Her Mind, Can't She?

Remember how I said I would never count calories, again?  Well, technically, I’m not, but I’m letting a computer program do it for me.  The history of my anti-calorie-counting came from going on a very restrictive diet about 13 years ago.  I had to have a certain number of servings of this and that and the other.  I had my measuring cups, spoons, pencil, paper, charts, and calculator.  I went crazy.  And I began on a binge-and-purge path.  No more calorie-counting for me.  (Ironically, I wish I was at the weight I was when I started that stupid diet.)

Recently, I began a program about intuitive eating (Eating for Your Soul).  I liked that the program was also anti-calorie-counting, saying restricting and counting calories could be disrespectful to the body, which is perfectly capable to teach you what to feed it.  I need help, though, while learning to be taught (huh?).  About two days ago, a thought floated through my mind as I was reading the EFYS workbook, “Gina, isn’t it possible that it’s disrespectful to your body right now to not count calories?  Your body hurts and is having weight-related issues.  You have a better understanding about being more respectful to yourself.  Maybe watching calories can be blended with that knowledge.”  EFYS is good for maintaining, but it isn’t a weight loss program. 

I researched how many calories I needed to lose weight at a rate of 1.5 pounds per week with my current activity level, age, and weight.  I also came across a site that helps you count the calories.  I played around with it and am actually pleased with it.  One of the things I like about it is the analysis feature letting me know what nutritional requirements I've met and what I am in need of. If you're interested, the site is

I don’t know how long this will last.  It's only been a couple of days.  Maybe the novelty will wear off or I’ll start going crazy, again.  Or, maybe none of those things will happen, and I may have begun something that will last.  It’s worth the try.

There are differences this time compared to 13 years ago:

I have more nutritional info and an appreciation for a variety of real foods.

There is NO specified diet this time.  The suggested calorie intake is a reference point.  If I’m not hungry, I’m not going to force myself to eat.  If I've met the calorie limit but feel very hungry, I’m going to eat.

I have an arsenal of vegetables.  I’ve been learning new veggie recipes, and I actually like them.  This makes eating more possible while still staying under the calorie reference point.

I've learned from Eating for Your Soul.  There’s more to learn and practice, and I may adjust some of it for my life, but it is a valuable tool.

I have a computer.  No more pencils, notebooks, thick calorie book, nor calculator.  Yay, technology!

My fear is dealing with emotional eating.  No perfect eating plan will keep me from destructive behavior.  What I need is a perfect coping plan.