Sunday, January 30, 2011

Soup Recipe and Computer Allergy

First, here's a Veggie Quest recipe from "What Am I Supposed to Do With THAT?" --
Wild Mushroom Bisque

Last April, I reported having a computer allergy where my neck and exposed upper chest would get itchy, and my right-hand fingers would swell up twice their size, turn red, and have painful tips.  I drastically reduced blogging time.  Here and here.  Well, I've been having the reactions, again.  I had been increasing my computer use especially by typing out the "Eating for Your Soul" intros and lessons and having more recipes to post.  It's to the point where I can't stand touching the computer.  Now, as I type, I'm wearing the lovely yellow rubber gloves used for housecleaning.   Even with the gloves, it still feels a little weird.

I have a touch pad instead of a mouse.  My index is the first to swell because it's the one rubbing over the pad the most.  At night, I'm woken to a sensation that feels like a pin is being poked into my nail bed.  Ice packs bring a lot of relief, although they don't reduce the swelling.

Has anyone heard of this before?  My doctor was stumped about it last year when I showed him.

So, dear blogging friends, I may not comment as much, but please don't forget about me.

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Veggie Quest - Collard Greens

I've added a new veggie to our menu: collard greens. We actually like them, and it's simple to make (although it needs time in the pot).

Here's the link for my veggie blog:
What Am I Supposed To Do With That?: Collard Greens

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Zumba Dork

I did it! I Zumba'ed! It was very enjoyable. The only bad part was the mirror. I looked like such a dork. Oh, well. If I made the other students feel better about themselves, then I'm happy to have obliged.
Here we are:
What? Aren't you tired of seeing half-dressed Zumba-ites
with their awesome abs?
(btw - Am I the only one that had to do this dance in 3rd grade?)

The instructor finished up with pilates. My legs were jell-o when I left. They were so fatigued that pressing my brakes was challenging.

I look forward to going back.

The plantar fasciitis is "itising", again; the muscles are tight and painful -- no doubt from today's activities. I'll keep with the stretching and foot exercises. I hope it doesn't stop me from the fun classes. Otherwise, I'll have to go back to pole dancing.

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Gaming and Netflix and Bears, Oh My!

Have any of you dealt with computer-game overuse/addiction? I have an 11 year-old son (my oldest) who only wants to play computer games. We have rules and limits, but he busts those limits and can't self-monitor his time. He's brilliant at LEGO and Bionicle designs, but when video games are an option, he'll drop them. We have him in boy scouts and horseback riding to help him expand his interests. We spend time together as a family, especially Mondays. Anyway, we are taking away video games for a month for all of us. It's not as a punishment but as an un-plugging type of thing. I'm worried for him. We'll ease back in with active games like Wii. He'll have to earn it, though, by showing us he can be reliable for self-care, chores, responsibilities, and having other interests.

I've never been a mom of an 11 year old before. I feel like I'm doing the right thing -- there's always that doubt, though. I daydream about getting rid of video games forever. Bad mom? Unrealistic?

We've also suspended Netflix (aka Crackflix) on Danny's and my behalf. I used to hardly watch television, but Netflix makes it too easy. It's like getting a Krispy Kreme doughnut with a click of a button at a moment of weakness. We watch at the end of the day after getting the kids to bed. Ahhh. Peace. Quiet. *click* Then it's 1 a.m. Then I'm practically useless the next day.

Awareness. Change.

Friday, January 7, 2011

Birthday Pics

Count-down is complete; I've just celebrated my 42nd birthday.  It was wonderful, and I am so thankful for a loving family to share it with.  The blessings in my life are rich -- not monetarily, but being surrounded by people who love me.  (And I just realized I didn't have b-day pics taken with my parents!  But, I am so happy they've been able to move near us).  Everyone made sure I had a pleasant day.

When I began this blog, I was at the end of 39.  I had made it a goal of mine to get fit mentally, spiritually, and physically within a year.  I added a counter at the top of my blog.  So, am I fit?  No, but there are improvements.

When I was at the end of 41, I was also just at the end.  I was empty.  Not only was my body out of shape, but I was also mentally drained, and my spirit barely flickered.  Everything just seemed to be a struggle.

Someone may see I'm still overweight and judge, "Aw, she failed."

It's true I'm not the "image" of fitness, although it is better than a year ago, but, I'm not the same person I was a year ago, either.  You can't measure mental-fat-percentage or spiritual-fat-percentage.  If you could, you'd see those are leaner.

I used to binge when I didn't know how to deal with anxiety, etc.  I was mentally and spiritually depleted and too numb from the binges.  I don't have those binge episodes anymore.  Now I'm working on portion sizes and developing habits to listen to my body's stop signals.

I used to never plan meals.  That's still a hard one for me, but I do a lot more planning than I used to.  That brought me to my new blog "What Am I Supposed To Do With That?" where I've been teaching myself new vegetable recipes that my whole family likes (picky 5 year olds don't always count).

And I have so much gratitude.

Danny and Me

With Thomas, 11
With Marie, 9
With Skye, 5

Saturday, January 1, 2011

I Didn't Like Yogurt

I had a rare, leisurely day yesterday.  No hurries.  So, I decided to finally break open the pomegranate that's been sitting on my counter for the past couple of weeks.

 Quite the mess.  So worth it.
Working hard for my breakfast.
( looks like it should be in the
opening credits for "Dexter.")

More appealing and so good.
It used to be that I didn't like yogurt.  I began eating it decades ago for the probiotics it supplied.  I would select the fat free variety in an attempt to be "good."  You know, fat-free this and fat-free that.  I went for the handy little containers with the endless flavor selections.

Have you seen the amount of sugar/HFCS in those things?  They have to add it to mask the flavor of fat-free.

I never could understand the attraction to yogurt nor why the French love it so much.  Then, I had normal, almost undoctored yogurt.  It was from a lonely, big tub (plain, with fat) amongst the limelight of the fat-free, showy, petite, artificially-flavored plastic packages who breeze through life always getting what they want... -- wait, I'm kinda getting off subject.

So, I tried plain with about 4% fat.  Much better.  I do add a little bit of organic sugar to it, but I control the amount -- much less than what the manufacturer puts in.  I also like to add different fruit and sometimes granola.  Other ways I've tried it is by adding my own vanilla and cinnamon.

Do I feel like I'm eating "bad" by choosing yogurt with fat?  Real food is to be enjoyed while providing nutrition.  It's satisfying.

Well, it's breakfast time, again.  I have left over pomegranate seeds.  And plain yogurt.  Yum.