Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Blogger With Substance Award

Thank you, Michele from Ruminations and Uncovering: Toward a New Me! That was kind of you to think of me. I hope I provide some sort of substance for others -- even if it's what NOT to do towards fitness. It's such a habit-breaking, habit-forming, learning process.

Part of receiving this award is to explain my blogging philosophy, motivation and experience in five words: (Yikes!)

Two steps forward, one back.

(rinse and repeat)

As far as passing this on to other bloggers -- there are several on the sidebar I follow. Many are talented writers full of wit and honesty, especially Thufferin Tuccutash, Tippy Toe Diet, Sheesh, The Sassy Pear, and Jack Sh*t Gettin' Fit. I can't really leave the others out; there is substance in theirs, too, from which I also receive inspiration.

Sunday, October 31, 2010

Blog-O-Versary -- Oct. 23

Where have I been?
My parents bought a 55 y.o. fixer-upper around the corner from us here in Utah. I told them I would repair and paint the living room and bedrooms before they moved their stuff in (I love doing that kind of work). I figured I had 6 months to a year before they sold their home in Arizona. They sold it within 3 weeks!!!! Who would have thought that possible in this market? I barely finished before they moved their belongings in last Thursday. My blogoversary occurred during the break, but in honor of it, here's a review of the year:

I was fairly new to our neighborhood/town/state, discouraged and lonely. I was new to blogging. Before that, I had hardly surfed the web or anything. Fitness blogging seemed to be a great community for learning and support. I nervously began my own blog to hear myself think, so to speak. What did I think? I was so out of practice -- out of touch with me. I was out of touch with feeling anything and using binge eating as a coping mechanism. But, I gave blogging a shot.

My blog began as a place for me to be accountable and to explore my feelings about my fitness journey. As people began to comment, I began spending hours surfing blogs. Blogging was becoming another form of addiction for me rather than a tool. I liked networking and gaining more followers, but I think I lost my original focus. Now, I want to blog to give words of encouragement and hope to meet with those who feel connected to me, too, and offer me support when I'm down.

Crabby McSlacker's Cranky Fitness

KatieO of Boppa Ding Ding

Larkspur of Am I Really That Fat?

Fitness is such a work in progress, old habits are hard to break, and it isn't going to happen over night. I'm learning it's not about the weight entirely or working out to get someone else's body. It's about feeling better and stronger in my body. I go for that walk (short or long) not because I want to get a certain image anymore; it's because I feel better when I do. I'm happier, nicer, and feel better in my skin.

Back to Basics - with the exception of the not-eating-b4-bed part, I'm rethinking that one and desiring to apply intuitive eating instead of some rule.
Wake-up walks with my family
Recording what I eat -- I haven't blogged about this, yet. I don't measure or count calories, but I do write what I ate for the day. This helps my awareness. This also helps if I have some sort of physical reaction to what I've ingested.
Eating more nutrient-filled foods, more veggies -- Veggie Quest Blog
Controlling binge habit (progress)

Resistance training
Routine workouts
Prayer -- why am I always trying to do this (face struggles) on my own?

Jumping Rope -- I did not wear proper shoes. Between jumping rope and jogging, I developed plantar fasciitis. I gave the rope up.
Scales -- I've stopped weighing myself. I'll discuss that more later while I do my "homework" for a class I am taking, "Food for the Soul."

Fell on knee -- It didn't keep me from exercising, but it was bruised for several months and at least 6 months before being able to "get" on that knee.
PF revisited.
Twisted ankle.

"Torrid Affair" reposted here: Am I Really That Fat?

Roth - Women, Food, and God (labeled "Roth WFG) -- I read through the book once and then wanted to read it again and blog about my ponderings and ah-hah moments over it. I still want to do that, but other things became a priority.
Yoga video - A good habit that is hard to start. My lame excuses: time, tired, and too many toys on the floor.
Jillian Michaels 30-Day Shred -- (see Yoga) This was going to alternate with the yoga videos. I like it for the exercises and how I feel afterwards (not during).

Sunday School Teacher - mixed emotions
parents moving here

Primal Stride -- It went very well and then the initiator of the challenge stopped it.
C25K -- Did it!!
Race to 10 -- I was doing well then hit a depression (about the plantar fasciitis) and a binge-fest for a couple of months. The race is done.
6K -- I did it, sort of. My goal was to run the 6K. Plantar fasciitis came back and then I twisted my ankle at the bottom of our stairs. I slowly walked the 6K while pushing my son in the stroller.

"A Blog With Substance" (Oct.) from Michele of Ruminations and Uncovering: Toward a New Me!! -- Thank you, Michele! I will honor that award with it's own post soon.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Stand By (or Jog in Place)

I'm healthy, in a good mood, and hanging in there -- just so, SO busy!!!  I have lots of  posts in my head and wish I could get them out and visit my friends in Blogland.  I'm thinking about you.

Sunday, October 10, 2010


Yesterday was the Wasatch Woman's 5th Annual Love Your Body 6K/10K event -- and my first event. Skye joined me in his stroller as I pushed him through the beautiful trails of Thanksgiving Point, UT. (The event is a 6K instead of a 5K so it can go through some gardens).

I was originally going to run the 6K but due to the flair up of plantar fasciitis and twisting my ankle a couple of weeks ago, I decided to just walk it. (The ankle is okay -- I can point and flex, but it still yells at me if I try to rotate it side to side or around).

I wasn't worried about my time. We enjoyed the scenery instead. Thirty minutes into it, my heel was beginning to hurt, and I took an ibuprofen. I often stopped to stretch my calf muscles to relieve the fascia. Once home, I soaked my foot and ankle in a warm epson salt solution. It's pretty good today.

Here are some photos:

Skye and me before the event.
Getting bundled up.

Along the trail, looking at the steps of fountains.
Half way up the steps of fountains.
Cool tunnel (not part of the trail, but I checked it out anyway).
The rose was more vivid in person.
Noah's Ark at children's garden.
Water falls.
I took this before we started.

Moon bounce for the kids! (Skye - center).
Skye on right side.
He's just too cute!!

My little guy -- I love him so much!

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

2 Weeks Binge-Free, "Eating for Your Soul" Class and Quick Story

The larger beads represent two weeks without a binge.

I've been zig-zagging between several interests and priorities. Recently, I've been enjoying trying out new veggie recipes and posting about that on my other blog, "What Am I Supposed To Do With That?" I think my kids like being the panel of judges as they taste-test new things.

Last night I was invited by a friend and neighbor to a new class, "Eating for Your Soul," presented by Jarah Christensen. I really enjoyed it. Here's a little story with a deep message that Jarah shared with us last night:

One night a young idealist had a dream. He dreamed there was a new store in a nearby shopping mall. He went in and saw an angel behind a counter. Nervously, he asked what the shop sold.

"Everything your heart desires," replied the angel.

"Then I want peace on earth," exclaimed the idealist. "I want an end to famine, sorrow, and disease (and addictions*)."

"Just a moment," replied the angel. "You haven't understood. We don't sell the fruit here - only seeds."

*I added

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Binge-Free Beads, Family Wake-Up Walk, and Recipe

Seven days without binge-eating.

I've been waking my family up a half-hour earlier each day to do a wake-up walk.  We quickly throw on clothes, do a walk around the block (small one), come home, do 10 jumping jacks, 10 crunches, 10 push ups, and stretching.  It's been a nice way to get the day started.  We are more on-time.  The kids get some of their daily chores done earlier (usually done in afternoon after school).  I feel more patient and energetic.  It's not a huge workout, but it's something beneficial to all of us (ages 5 - 41).  I'm just hoping to instill good habits.

Here's a new recipe on "What Am I Supposed To Do With That?"

Friday, September 17, 2010

What Am I Supposed To Do With That?

I'd like to introduce my new blog: What Am I Supposed To Do With That? at

I am searching, trying, and posting about veggie recipes that my family and I like.

I'm learning how to feed my family healthier meals. We seriously lacked in the vegetable department.

A few weeks ago, my friend gave me some veggies from her garden. I held the cabbage and thought, "What am I supposed to do with that?" I also thought, enough is enough, I want to learn how to prepare fresh vegetables.

I'll continue this blog, but the new one will focus on my quest for veggies.

Oh, the "42" is just a spin-off from this blog. "Veggie quest dot blogspot dot com" was taken.

Hope to see you there!

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

No-Binge Beads and Our 15-Year Anniversary

September 15, 1995, Danny (21) and I (26) married in Danforth Chapel on the Arizona State University campus. It was very simple and very casual. And a little crazy.

Here we are then (a few weeks after the wedding) in '95 (1995, although it looks like 1895):

And now, '10:

There's been a lot of changes. Sure, I miss the smoother skin and younger body, but I really miss the free spirit I had.

Binge-Free Beads

Confessions of a (Recovering) Compulsive Eater used beads on a bracelet to mark how many days/weeks/months/years she has been binge-free. You can read more about the beads here. I liked the idea of having a constant reminder around my wrist while I prepare meals and make different food-decisions. Here are my beads and empty string:

I need to define for myself what a binge-free day is -- binge-free and compulsive-free. This definition may have to build on itself. For starters, it's having a plan and sticking to it. The plan at first may be simple (i.e. I'm not ready to count calories and measure every morsel of food. I just want to make sure I don't buy that package of cookies and snarf them or take extra servings when I'm not hungry). If I feel I sincerely kept to my plan, I'll get a bead. If I binge, all beads are removed and I start over.

It's obvious I don't have it all figured out, yet. If I wait until I do, then it won't get done. It's just one of those things to jump into and make adjustments as I go. (I think that's the approach I had when I married 15 years ago).

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Happy Birthday, Mom!

Happy Birthday, Mom!!!

Today is my mom's birthday. We are in the process of having her and my dad move out here near us. (So e'sited! -- as my then 4 year old said). So, calling all snowbird want-to-be's: my parents are selling their gorgeous home in Sun City, Arizona -- a retirement/golf community. The sooner they sell, the sooner they can be with us. Yes, this is a shameless plug to sell their home. Any takers? (Next year, Mom, we'll be celebrating your birthday together! I love you!)

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Award II - The Lie About Me Revealed

My last post listed 8 things about me, one being a lie:

1. I used to drive a pink 1965 convertible Mustang.
2. I married my childhood sweetheart.
3. I was an atheist and ended up joining a church that had been on the top of my dislike list.
4. Someone smashed into my car's left door and front fender. I spray-painted "Sh*t Happens" (without the *) across the left side and drove it around like that until I got it fixed.
5. I married someone I only knew for three weeks.
6. I can do 18 push ups in one set.
7. I took myself to Kauai, Hawaii and spent most of the week alone: me, the beach, and a VW van.
8. I'm a horrible liar.

I did drive a '65 convertible Mustang.  My father bought it when I was a baby.  I grew up in that car.  It was passed on to me when I graduated.  It was a bronze color at the time.  Someone turned into me and wiped out my left side, but it was still drivable.  Do you remember those bumper stickers that said, "Sh*t Happens?"  I spray painted that across the left side of the car.  My boss didn't think it was funny and made me park in the back until I had it fixed a couple of weeks later.  THAT'S when it was painted pink with black vinyl.  I had to sell it after 9-11-01 to pay the bills.  (1,4)

I did marry my childhood sweetheart.  Met him at 16, married him at 18, divorced him by 20.  (2)


I married someone I only knew for 3 weeks at age 26.  Danny and I will celebrate 15 years together next week, Sept. 15.  (5)

I was an atheist and the Mormons (LDS) were at the top of my dislike list.  Danny invited the Missionaries into our home almost 12 years ago.  My perceptions of them were wrong.  We converted 11 years ago, giving up alcohol, tobacco and coffee (almost -- that's a hard one).  If you want to read about my conversion story, it's on my other blog here.  (3)

Two weeks after I had my car repaired and painted pink, someone else clipped my front fender.  It was minor.  I put off repairing it and took myself to Hawaii, instead with the money.  I had a friend that lived in Kauai.  She lent me her VW van and let me sleep on the couch.  I had just gone through the divorce and had been doing a lot of rebounding.  I just needed to be alone to think.  I loved it so much that I gave away most of my stuff and planned on moving there.  Then I met a Tom Petty look-alike and stayed on the main land with him a couple of years.  (7)

I AM a horrible liar.  I can't even put on a poker face to hide a joke or prank.  I dread it when my kids ask if there is a tooth fairy, etc.  I just say, "I've never seen one."  (8)

That leaves #6 - I CAN'T do 18 push-ups.  I can maybe do 10 from the knees.  (Sorry, Jody).

Sunday, September 5, 2010

The Versatile Blogger Award

Thank you Joy of Nuggets of Truth ~ My Weight Loss Journey and Skye of Skye's the Limit - The Possibilities are Endless for presenting me with the Versatile Blogger award. I was very happy to receive them and thank you for thinking of me. I'm sorry it has taken me a month to begin blogging and show it off.

Here are the rules:
1. Thank the person who gave you the award.
2. Share seven things about yourself.
3. Nominate fifteen newly discovered blogs.
4. Let your nominees know about the award.

Being the versatile blogger, I am going to make the rules versatile, too. Rule #2 - I've shared 8 things, but one of them is a lie. Can you guess which one?

1. I used to drive a pink 1965 convertible Mustang.

2. I married my childhood sweetheart.

3. I was an atheist and ended up joining a church that had been on the top of my dislike list.

4. Someone smashed into my car's left door and front fender. I spray-painted "Sh*t Happens" (without the *) across the left side and drove it around like that until I got it fixed.

5. I married someone I only knew for three weeks.

6. I can do 18 push ups in one set.

7. I took myself to Kauai, Hawaii and spent most of the week alone: me, the beach, and a VW van.

8. I'm a horrible liar.

I need to change Rule #3, also. I haven't ventured out into blogland in a while to find 15 newly discovered blogs, but there are some great ones on the right side.

Thanks for stopping by!

Thursday, September 2, 2010

He's Only Just Begun

My youngest began kindergarten yesterday. I have a mix of emotions. Among them is the realization that this is the first time in almost 11 years that I will have kid-free mornings. It's been a crazy 11 years.

And it's been a busy month. (Good grief, only one post for August). We made tremendous progress on my parents' "new" old home, I finally have my computer back, the yellow jacket sting has cleared up as well as the cellulitis (but not the cellulite) and the colitis -- recap

I was happy to finally venture away from the safety zone of my bathroom. I even signed up (and paid) for
WasatchWoman's 5th Annual Love Your Body 6K Run/Walk -- my first running event!!! It will be October 9th. Within the first week of training, plantar fasciitis made itself clearly known, again. I first developed PF last January. It improved, but I must have become complacent because it's back. It doesn't look good for the 6K. I can't even do exercise walking until I've had a full week of no pain. Shoes must be worn all the time including night trips to the restroom. I have really good shoes complete with orthotics. They are lovely with my Sunday church dress.
: p

I have to admit, this PF thing had really gotten me down. Walking boosts my mood and energizes me. Without it, I had slipped into a depression. I felt defeated. (Or, is it de-feeted?)

Being the strong, resilient woman I am, I
shifted my focus to foot friendly exercises like resistance training, pilates and yoga binged. (So much for being aware of what is good for my colon -- last post). I sort of wished I could turn on the colitis again to keep me from binge-eating.

Now what? I'm going to clean my house. During my pity-party, I pretty much ignored my chores and myself. I didn't want to deal with anything. I didn't want to cook anything. Fitness had left the building -- physical, mental, and most of all, spiritual.

Tomorrow, I'm going to work on becoming clutter-free, clean the kitchen and bathrooms and get rid of dead clothes. I'll have to baby the PF, but it has to get done.l I'd also like to clear the family room floor so I have room for my resistance training, pilates and yoga. With the little one now in kindergarten, I have those couple of hours in the morning.

Do you remember when you were in kindergarten? For most of us, falling down was fun, jumping and running in bare feet were good for us, we ate when we were hungry and stopped when full -- even if only half the ice-cream cone or cookie was eaten. New tasks were adventures not burdens. We knew how to play. Happy was easy.

back to basics for me. Tomorrow, I will begin drinking water about every 1 1/2 hours, again. I've totally neglected hydration. Water should help my mood a bit.

(I also want to thank Joy and Skye for the Versatile Blogger Award; I haven't forgotten about that and am very grateful you thought of me. That will be my next post).

Friday, July 23, 2010

It's Not What It Looks Like

Is it big, round, jiggly and white?  And you think it's my derriere?  Okay.  It is what it looks like.  But, I'm not talking about that.  I'm talking about my blogging absence.

I haven't thrown in the towel, given up, called my fitness journey kaput, nor drowned my sorrows in mind-numbing sugar-comas.

I'm fine.

Sort of.

I mentioned last time that I've been extremely physically busy working on the old house my parents bought as well as the landscaping work in my yard.  People were beginning to comment on my toning and slimming.

Then I got stung by a yellow jacket.

Not this one:

This one:

I never saw it coming.  I just walked into my neighbor's backyard and was stung on the leg.  Four days later I developed cellulitis, and it spread rapidly.  I was given  two antibiotic shots, a Rx for more antibiotics, had my leg wrapped and was told to stay off of it and keep the leg elevated.

"Yay!  Blog time!!"

Nope.  No computer.  (Dell is replacing our lemon, and it will arrive in a couple of weeks).

Leg was on the mend.  I got active, again.  I now have antibiotic-induced colitis.  And I got the 24+ hour flu (unless that is part of the colitis) -- fever, nausea, chills, sweats, chills, sweats, yuks.  Major headache.  Oh, and the lethargy --  I didn't want to move, much less blog, even if I had a computer.

I'm better but still low on energy.  So, here's my little moment to post (our other broken computer -- Danny's travel/work-computer --  was fixed this afternoon).  

Thank you to the blog-angels that have checked up on me.  That means SO much.  I hope to have more computer time soon to see how all of you are doing.  You're in my thoughts.

You know what?  I haven't binged.  My choices haven't always been wise, but I haven't binged.  I wonder if it has anything to do with my contentment and enjoyment of my projects and physical exertion.

Well, I have no clever way to close this.

The end.

Friday, July 9, 2010

Checking In

Still here.

And there.

And everywhere.

Very, very busy. Good busy. Sleep-when-the-head-hits-the-pillow busy.

Walking 2.5 to 3.5 miles every morning. Up and down hills. With a stroller.


Lifting weights: bags of soil and retaining-wall blocks. Putting them on hand-truck. Putting them in vehicle. Taking them out of vehicle. Carrying them up slanted yard (putting in a garden on slopey property -- my project).

Digging. Lots of digging.

And cleaning. Parents bought a 55-year-old home around the corner from me. Lots of grime. Dirt. Webs. And carpet laden with black mold that needed to be ripped out.

The thing is I LOVE THIS WORK. I have to be careful because I will go and go and go.

And not drink water.

And not plan my meals. Or at least not follow through with the plan, grabbing a fast food meal instead.

So, I'm maintaining.

I found another love, too. I should be ashamed of myself. We met last week.

Have you seen the size of these things? "Campfire Giant Roasting Marshmallows" - they are ... giant. I, dare I say it, like them better than chocolate, especially when they are golden-crunchy-chewy on the outside and melty soft on the inside.

I know.

I am what I eat.