Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Done with March

March was...a blur.  Each kid (3) missed a week of school at some point while home sick.  Husband's heel was broken (still is).  I felt like I was back working in the animal hospital with my charts for all my patients.   Last week was the first week that all kids were in school.

One of the scariest moments was when my 12 y.o. son had pneumonia.  Doctors almost admitted him into the hospital when he threw up his meds.  But, fortunately he was able to keep things down, again, and stay home.   At one point he was on 7 different medications including the nebulizer.  It was hard to see my little guy struggling.

Miracle:  I didn't get sick.  Somehow I avoided their viruses/infection.  Here I am being coughed on while trying to remove encrusted goop from their eyes (yeah, two of them developed bacterial pink eye), sleep deprived, and trying to keep the rest of the house going (including birthday celebrations and making a costume for daughter's dance recital), yet I didn't get sick.  I attribute part of that good fortune to the 4-5 weeks in February when I was regularly exercising and eating better.  It's like I was in training for what was coming in March.

I wasn't able to keep up the exercise routine nor logging calories during March, though.  Now that everyone is on the mend, I can feel myself starting to spiral down if I don't take care of me soon.
Remember this photo?
Not happening.
Except at 4:30 a.m.
Kids are on Spring break.  We've been busy trying to make this house look healthy, again.  (11 y.o. daughter isn't so happy that her Spring break isn't much of a break - LOL).  The to-do list never ends.  But, it's Spring, and I'm happy April is here.