Sunday, August 1, 2010

The Silver Lining Without My Lining

Sometimes it's easy to get bitter when I have plans that get ruined. I remind myself that life is just kind of like that. Our stay on Earth was never meant to be a vacation, although it can be filled with joy if we let it. We are meant to be challenged and grow from those challenges. We are also meant to seek Heavenly Father (or whatever your personal higher place) and draw near to Him in our times of need, which, really, turns out to be everyday.

Sorry for the tmi, but I continue with intestinal problems (
cholitis). Basically, while on antibiotics, there was a resistant bacterial strain that stayed in my system while the good bacteria were killed off along with the bacteria causing my cellulitis (not cellulite -- wouldn't it be great if there was an antibiotic for THAT) from the yellow jacket sting. This nasty, resistant bacterial strain wreaked havoc on my intestines, causing the lining to shed and bleed, and producing very painful and frequent bathroom trips (I am SO thankful for indoor plumbing).

So, here is the silver lining through all of this: my eating habits are changing. Going to the bathroom has been very uncomfortable, and what goes in must come out. Pain is a great motivator, and I am making sure that what I eat is nutritionally dense and worth the discomfort. I'm chewing longer and eating slower. (The more I chew, the better the absorption of nutrients -- and the easier it is on my war-torn insides). I eat healthier. I get full faster. My desire for fast food and chocolate is gone. I listen to what my body wants.

I pray I continue to listen when I'm all better and may these habits become permanent. This experience has really made me think about all my body has done in spite of the gastrointestinal abuses I've put it through.

I could get bitter about my plans I've had to put on hold, the energy lost, and work I've fallen behind on, but I think I've actually been given a gem-of-a chance to appreciate the health I do have and form practices to improve it.

(Aren't you glad I didn't post pictures?)

(Okay, here's one):