Friday, May 11, 2012


Do old to-do lists and receipts stuffed into my purse count as a personal journal?

Scraps of Memories
On another note, I have had Spring-fever.  I've been busy with outdoor repairs, maintenance and planting in my little garden getting the crops in... doing anything that let's me be outside.  The inside is suffering, but I don't care as intensely because it's Spring!

(Keeping up with blogging has been suffering, too.  I'm sorry for neglecting you, my blogging friends.)

Keeping up with anything, actually, has been challenging.  There are too many to-do lists with adult-type responsible things and not enough playing-in-the-dirt-type things.

Do you have Spring-fever?


  1. They only count if you sort them by date and staple them together.

  2. I'm so ready for summer, I'm beside myself. We're heading towards planting time too... Memorial weekend!!!

    1. I can imagine your little puppy frolicking while you do!

  3. I have "is it time for vacation yet" fever. I'm so ready to get the heck outta Dodge and RELAX for a whole week, unfortunately I don't know when that week will be.

    I think I had spring fever back in February. I remember feverishly cleaning my shower floor and then wanting to clean miniblinds or something. It was weird.