Wednesday, April 28, 2010

The Weight Thing

I weigh-in the 24th of each month and post the results to the right. You wouldn't know by looking at the data, but I've actually lost over 35 pounds since October. I weigh in, gain several pounds during the month, and then lose it before the next weigh-in. Obviously, I know how to lose weight and am good at it. It's keeping it off that I'm horrible at. It's like something switches off in my brain...something that controls the logical you-don't-want-to-do-this mechanism when confronted with food choices. And it's cyclic.

I'm not giving up. I know I'm making good changes, it's just disheartening to see the numbers.

There's things I can do to work through this like writing down what I eat each day, what's my mood, sleep amount, menstruation cycle, exercise, etc. I really, REALLY don't want to do that, but maybe I'll see a pattern after a few months and know where to shift my attention for change. Oh, I don't want the headache of adding yet another thing to my to-do list, but maybe it's necessary for the time being. I've read that it helps others. Why can't I just eat normally?

Any thoughts?


  1. Gina, I know journaling is a pain BUT statistics have proven it to be a "success factor" for those that lose & keep the weight off. It tells all if you are honest with it! Many do it all their life & others stop when they know & understand their body & food choices enough to do it without the journaling. As much as you don't want to do it, it probably will help.

    You can even take cell phone pics of your food & then write it down later....

  2. I agree, I feel like I do so much to lose the weight. Tracking what I eat, limiting my sodium, exercising 5-7 days out of the week, drinking a ton of water...and the list seems to keep growing. When I was complaining about how much I seem to have to do to lose weight, my trainer said "nothing worth having is easy." And if it makes you feel any better....I have very little success without it and I didn't want to do it either. In fact I chose a diet specifically bc you didn't have to write, measure, weigh or count anything! lol

  3. I think it sounds like you need to go back to the basics. Those basics can look a little different for each person, but tracking, portions, watching extra fat/sodium, and exercise are what comes to mind.

    You can do this. You are a strong person and I know you really WANT this!

  4. Hey you! I'm always happy to see a new post from you!

    I'm not sure what to tell you. I was in the same place for so long. By the way, your fat percentage is very decent-- 28%, not too shabby! What changed for me was having an ok-that's-it moment, combined with my husband wanting to do it with me and getting psyched about it and staying with it, combined with finding a way to avoid my cake (weekdays) and eat it too (Saturdays). I don't think my program is the best by a long shot, but it's like a financial plan. The one you'll *do* is the one to adopt, whether or not it squeezes the most pennies from the dollar. I do suspect that for many of us, there is an insulin-resistant, carb-hungry factor that interrupts normal satiety and appetite. I had to get away from relying so much on bread products. I also think the weight training helped tame the insulin resistance and experience more normal appetite.

    You are a *really* bright and able woman. This is not too hard for you. You just have to find your own road.

    Here's a question back at you. What do *you* think you should do?

  5. the tracking is a pain in the rear, but it really is helpful. maybe if you just do it for a few months you'll see a pattern and then you can stop the tracking.

    let's not forget - congrats on your HUGE 35 lb loss!

  6. I'm with you -- I don't want to track either.
    But I should, at least for a few weeks. Long enough to notice a pattern.

  7. There aren't many of us who haven't felt your pain. You're so right in that you ARE making great changes, and I'm so glad you see that. Hang on tight to it, because in the end, that will be the thing that matters most.

    I'm a believer in journaling, in whatever form works for you. Right now, I just write down exceptions to my (new) normal way of eating. It helps me remember that I've already had a splurge-y snack in a particular week, and I really don't (or do!) have room for another one.

    You're a smart chica, and you WILL figure out what will work best for you!

  8. After my class I went to go do some weights. I had to laugh because everyone was on the treadmill, bikes & stairmaster watching t.v. There was probably about 10 people tuning into this one show that was on.All of a sudden this girl walks up to a stair master, sets her stuff down. Climbs up on a weight bench & changes the channel to something she wanted to watch.I couldn't believe it. I was sitting behind everyone, not watching t.v. but I found it incredible that someone has the nerve to do that!I was waiting to see if anyone said anything, but no one did. Everyone just kind of looked around at each other not knowing where to look because they obviously weren't interested in womens golf.The girl climb on her stairmaster...happy as could be to be watching her golf program & workout.WOW.......

  9. Congrats on losing 35 pounds!

    Food journaling is be a good way to get in touch with your eating habits and learn how to best satisfy your appetite. It makes me neurotic to do it long term, but I think it's something you need to do in the beginning to analyze what and why you're eating throughout the day.

  10. Wow! New blog design! I dig it! :)

    Congrats on the loss. You're doing great!

  11. Jody - Taking pictures is a great idea!

    Phluffy - ...very little success w/o it, huh? (sigh) You're right, nothing worth having is easy. Thanks for sharing your experience. It helps.

    Diane - Thanks for the pep talk. Gee, I thought I was at the basics - lol. You're wise, though. First things first. I need to go to "Intro to Basics."

    Thanks, Larkspur! - yeah, I don't know about the fat percentages...I think I'm higher than that, but I'm using a recommended site. I'll stay with it just for comparisons sake. I tried other sites that use different measurements, and I think it was higher. To answer your question, I do think I should track for a few months. Maybe I'll learn something about myself.

    Love2eatinPA and The Merry - Thanks for your input. There's something encouraging about others also not liking it but do it anyway because they know it's good to do.

    Thanks, Cammy. Yeah, I think journaling in anything helps me be more conscious during my day.

    F. Lex - Incredible! I'd be looking around for a hidden camera thinking that kind of behavior was a joke or something. Who does that without the common good manners of asking first?

    Runblondie26 - I think you are right. There seems to be a majority for it. It wouldn't hurt to at least try it out. Thanks!

  12. Hi new background on your blog!

    To answer your question from my blog.....I am not sure if 15 pounds is the best starting place for you on a kettlebell. That is definitely the lowest you should go, tho. If you have a 15 pound weight around the house.....pick it up and..keeping your arm in line with your hips and close in to your it to a straight arm 3-5 times. Is it hard? Is it easy? The kettlebell size you want to start with is one that is a little bit hard to press 5-8 that demands your full attention. If the 15 seems a bit too easy...then start with a 20 pounder. I also highly recommend starting with the Kettlebell Godess Workout DVD by Andrea Du Cane. There are some really good workouts on that and they always show three ways to do each move (beginner, regular, advances) since she has two helpers with her. Gives you room for improvement as you progress.

    Keeping the weight all about building some muscle and raising the metabolism. You are completely in charge of how many calories your body can burn each day....doing weights burns calories while you do them......but then the muscle burns them for the whole rest of the day while you are just hanging around. I like that part.

    I like how you are tracking bodyfat now! That number is very useful! The lower it goes, the higher your metabolism is. Kettlebells will help for sure!

  13. Journaling always helps me at the beginning because I start to notice patterns. I like the use of the body fat measurement more than weight because we all know sometimes that scale can be tricky, but the bodyfat is going down. I hope you have a wonderful week!

  14. Congratulations, Gina, on your weight loss, your great looking site and your even greater attitude. You're a warrior woman! Love, your ol' Auntie Puff.

  15. I hate keeping track too. If I find an easier way, I'll let you know! Although I can't remember if I've seen on your blog if you know about it, but is an awesome, easy, and free tracking website! Check it out!!

  16. Hope things are going well over here. I've been remiss in my duties and spacing out, busy.

    BTW, I can't eat normally either - at least not around food.

  17. I agree tracking can be a big pain but it really helps me. I haven't been tracking at all lately and I was fine for quite a few months then slowly I started to give myself more and more room and until there was a little less room in my pants. That sounded weird but you know what I mean. I think I will be going back to journaling very soon.

  18. Hey Gina,
    Food can be such a hard thing. I can do so well during the week, when I'm away from home. And then - bam! the weekend comes, and all that effort gets sabotaged in two days. Will power!!! (now there's something I can work on!!)

    Keep at ARE making great progress!

  19. Waving *hi* and wishing you a good Mother's Day!

  20. The challenge I put myself in was to do what you're trying eat normally. I am not feeling like I am much help to you right now, but I know journaling works...even just to give you an idea of your cycles to see what needs changing.

    I also know that listening to my body has helped. It's not easy, but it helps.

    The most important thing is to love yourself no matter what and DON'T GIVE UP.

    Hang in there!!! We're here for you. :)

  21. I know you are a glass half full kind of person but since I'm the pessimist here, instead of looking at all thew weight you lost, look at all you've gained! The answer is to eat less for the lower weight calorie needs you are at, that or increase your activity level for your added eating. The reason you are not eating "normally" is because you are not. That's it. Honestly, you need to eat normally and create a habit. Just do it and you'll understand. Don't feel bad if you can't however, because almost everyone I know can't either. If you are successful you will be the unusual one.

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