Sunday, October 10, 2010


Yesterday was the Wasatch Woman's 5th Annual Love Your Body 6K/10K event -- and my first event. Skye joined me in his stroller as I pushed him through the beautiful trails of Thanksgiving Point, UT. (The event is a 6K instead of a 5K so it can go through some gardens).

I was originally going to run the 6K but due to the flair up of plantar fasciitis and twisting my ankle a couple of weeks ago, I decided to just walk it. (The ankle is okay -- I can point and flex, but it still yells at me if I try to rotate it side to side or around).

I wasn't worried about my time. We enjoyed the scenery instead. Thirty minutes into it, my heel was beginning to hurt, and I took an ibuprofen. I often stopped to stretch my calf muscles to relieve the fascia. Once home, I soaked my foot and ankle in a warm epson salt solution. It's pretty good today.

Here are some photos:

Skye and me before the event.
Getting bundled up.

Along the trail, looking at the steps of fountains.
Half way up the steps of fountains.
Cool tunnel (not part of the trail, but I checked it out anyway).
The rose was more vivid in person.
Noah's Ark at children's garden.
Water falls.
I took this before we started.

Moon bounce for the kids! (Skye - center).
Skye on right side.
He's just too cute!!

My little guy -- I love him so much!


  1. What beautiful scenery and great pictures! Skye sure is adorable!

  2. Good to hear from you again!

    I love a good walk with beautiful scenery like that. Thanks for sharing.

    You have a cutie there as well. :)

  3. A fun walk with a cute guy... who could ask for more? :)

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  5. Your son is a real cutie! I'm glad you were able to enjoy the day with him and do the race. Now let's kick this plantars fasciitis' butt, and get you running for next year.

  6. Hope you are better but I so LOVED the pics!!!!!!!!!!