Friday, March 25, 2011

Snack Attack Report 2

One week down, three to go.  I was able to talk Danny into giving it a month.

After a week, this is what remains in their stash box:

5 y.o.
5 out of 8 granola bars remain
1/3 bag of Doritos (he shares them with his visiting friends)
7 oz peanut M&Ms (hasn't eaten any)

10 y.o.
5 out of 8 granola bars remain
Doritos still UNopened
6 count of peanut M&Ms
Halloween candy

11 y.o.
0 granola bars
0 Doritos (except some broken pieces)
0 M&Ms

Today was restocking day.  I asked the oldest two to make a wish-list, and I would pick two out for each.  
-For my daughter (from her wish-list):  regular chocolate chip granola bars and fruit leather.
-For my oldest son:  chocolate-covered coconut granola bars and fruit snacks.
-My youngest has so much stuff remaining that I didn't ask him for a wish list.
Oh, and look at this >>>  My oldest son, without any prompting from me, also requested plums and blackberries.  Real, live fruit!!!

They will have more-individualized stash snacks this week than the starting selection from last week.  In addition to the two play foods they asked for, I also took the initiative to add pistachios and raisins for all three, small size Slim Jims for the boys -- they really like those, and quality fig bars for my youngest - he loves those).  I want to send the message that snacks can include real food as well as pretend play foods.

A Good Sign
My 5 y.o. son was the first to see the new stash.  I was busy wrapping my daughter's birthday presents but later noticed that he was eating some raisins, 7 pistachios, and a Slim Jim.  They were in the same box as the M&Ms, chocolate-covered granola bars, and Doritos -- but he chose the real-food snacks!  (Slim Jims, although salty, are real, aren't they?)

I told him he was eating foods his body likes, and they have good things in them that will help him grow.  He said, "I ate healthy things!"  Later he said, "I'm gonna get more raisins!"  And then moments later, "Yum, yum."

And I haven't had the desire to jump into their stash.
Double wow.

Update:  When my oldest son saw the box of raisins he shouted, "AHHH!!  Get these outa here!"  And then he tossed them into the air.  I guess raisins aren't his thing.  But, he did dig into the plums.


  1. What an interesting concept. I'm curious to see how this all plays out too!

  2. This is so interesting! So many lessons available and a really cool concept for getting your kids to teach themselves. I can't wait to see how the plan unfolds...

  3. I think the Slim Jims contain pig heart and that sort of stuff always grosses me out. don't let your kids read the ingredients. hahaha