Friday, February 18, 2011

At Least My Closet Lost Weight

As per the homework from EFYS's Step 3 that I mentioned in the last post, I cleaned out my closet, ridding it of clothes that don't fit -- too big, too small, goal pants, and unflattering stuff I hate.

Hansi helped me.  "Can't we keep this one?"

Some items still have tags on them.

Hansi kept positioning himself in front of the closet doors
or directly under in the doorway.

Some things I donated; the rest I'll store away.
I threw in my bathing suit before closing.
I had a few things left that fit -- but only one pair of jeans and one pair of nice black pants.  Oh, well.

You know what's weird?  I noticed I had a few nice blouses that I never wear.  You know why?  I don't wear them because I feel I would have to put on make-up and spend extra time on my hair to balance the look.  If I don't feel like "dressing" my face and hair nicely, then I just throw on a t-shirt.  Just a little Ah-Hah moment.

I had this tune in my head today:  "I'm sorry Mama!  I never meant to hurt you.  I never meant to make you cry, but tonight I'm cleaning out my closet...closet."  It's from Eminem.  You can see the radio version here if you so desire.


  1. Awwww... zewiddlefurwypuppeeeeeee!

    Sorry. Had to say that.

    Look at those eyes! He thinks you look beautiful.

  2. I need to do a closet clean out too. I have so many things that are ooooollllldddddd. I'm not much of a shopper and I tend to hang on to things way too long. I don't buy much because I think, "well I've got a black shirt at home" - never mind that the black shirt I have is 7 years old!! Ugh. I really need to get out more. :)

  3. Downsizing in physical size is one of my themes for the year, including closets. Great work and thanks for inspiring me to start!

  4. I think Hansi is an enabler. :)

    Good for you for taking such a positive step! I need to follow, as I've got some clothes I'm not wearing. Someone else might want to, so thanks for the nudge...

  5. Hey Gina, are you in the SLC area? Sandrelle was looking to get a group together for a local weight loss challenge: