Friday, June 18, 2010

Back to Basics Challenge #2 - Move - Give Thanks

1. Continue to hydrate
2. Move More and/or Finish Stronger
{This may not be much of a challenge for those of you that are very active and are already set in an exercise routine. For you, I challenge you to Finish Stronger. For example, run your last steps as if you had the energy you started with, lift that last rep as if you're not fatigued and with control and full movement (grunt and growl if you have to).}
For the rest of us -- Each day play an upbeat song you like and "dance" to it. (I have a playlist on the side of my blog if that helps. Scroll down. It's on the bottom. I suggest song #2 "Big N Chunky" for a fun song to start moving ...thanks, Larkspur).

"Can't dance," you say? Neither can I. It's embarrassing at first (even alone), and I have this paranoid feeling there's a hidden camera somewhere. Move as if you can dance. Shake it. Shimmy. Wave your arms. March in place. If you have to do it from a chair, fine, just move more than you used to. Wiggle. Jiggle. Whip out some 1980's aerobic moves. Be unapologetically yourself (a quote that I love from MizFit).

Why do it? It gives you a boost of energy and endorphins and makes the day seem more possible to handle. It also kick-starts your metabolism.'s a gateway activity that may lead you to trying other activities and exercises.

When? I think mornings are great (start it off in a fun way). You can do it anytime you want to be awake. Feeling a little low or depressed? Take 5 minutes and dance.

1. Continue your to-do list the night before. (Modify it to fit your needs).
2. Dance (see above) - The physical movement will boost you mentally.


1. Thankful Journal -- Write at least one thing you are thankful for about the people (or animals) in your life. For example, before I write my nightly to-do list, I list my immediate family members (same notebook as the to-do's). Next to their names, I recall 3 things that each of them did that I was thankful for. "Marie - said thank you to the clerk, played with little brother, gave me a hug." It can be about anyone.

Why? We are bombarded with negativity and discouragement. If we choose to see the good stuff, that will help to counter-balance what surrounds us. This may lead us to seek for more good things. If we are listing our family members, that could help us see them in a more positive light and relate to them in a more loving way (which comes in handy when all live under one roof).


There are some great blogs I'd eventually like to introduce to you. Cammy from TippyToeDiet had a "Trainaversay" a couple of days ago, so I'll start with her. I encourage you to read about it here. She has lost 100 pounds and writes about the day she began strength training and even shared journal entries from that day. I find it motivating.

I first noticed Cammy when she would comment on others' blog posts. She was always encouraging, positive, and funny. I eventually clicked over to her blog and was happy I did.


  1. Added thought: If you are not a mover typically, watch for any drastic twists and turns while dancing. Follow up with gentle stretches (no bouncing).

  2. Hey Gina, your counsel about dancing is truly inspired.

    You can remove this comment if you find it too spiritual: There is an LDS doctrine that says the body and spirit together comprise the soul (D&C 88:15). This is why early Latter-day Saints always encouraged physical activity and believed dancing was as healthful to body as it was to mind.

    During their difficult trek west, the pioneers danced often. President Brigham Young said "I want you to sing and dance and forget your troubles. . . . Let's have some music and all of you dance."

    After the pioneers settled in the Salt Lake Valley, dance continued to be the favorite recreation: "This activity was probably the most common amusement of the founding of our State, being enjoyed in every city, town, and hamlet in Utah."

    (Quotes are from the website LDS Roadshow.)

  3. Love your dance in the morning!! "I have this paranoid feeling there's a hidden camera somewhere." He he!! This is funny. I've thought the same thing before. :-)

  4. Great thoughts. Have fun dancing! :)

  5. Gina, great ideas! :) And I love Cammy's blog too. Very sweet lady.

  6. Oh, thanks so much for the kind mention! I'd hang around and gush a bit, but I have been instructed to MOVE! :)

    Have a great weekend, and thanks again!

  7. Ok, here's my little modification to the challenge .. now that my doctor has me out of the gym for a while, I want to get back into the habit of going to the track every morning (remember the 5 at 5 challenge :)) .. so, that will be my *movement* for the day :)

    And I really like the idea of a gratitude journal :) I'll try that out for a while ..

  8. Today's report: did well on water except this afternoon where I caught myself beginning to compulsively eat and wondered when I had last had water. I realized I skipped a couple of hours. I felt more in control after hydrating. I didn't dance, but I certainly moved a lot between walking, shredding, and resistance. Tomorrow will be a dancing day. I'm going to do my gratitude journal/to-do list now.

    Great to see you!

  9. Gina - great!!!!!!!!!!! There is a guy at my gym. He goes hard core on the cardio machines BUT he also gets off & goes in the aroebics room & dances around too! He does not care about who is looking or any of that stuff! He has lost a ton of weight by working hard at his cardio machines, weights & dancing!

    Go Gina!

  10. I'll dance... just please don't ask me to sing. It worries the dog when I do that ;)

  11. Soda is evil. Free refills are more evil. (I usually don't drink much soda but did yesterday while out.)

    Drank a lot of water. Moved (walked 4 miles). Was thankful. List made.

  12. I need to check out your playlist. Music has a way of making us want to move, doesn't it?

  13. If I dance it has to be when no one is around! I love Cammy's blog - so glad you shared her with your readers.