Saturday, June 26, 2010

Back to Basics Challenge #3 - Stop Eating B4 Bed

Hi! How's your hydration? I've been doing really well thanks to my timer. So, far, I'm pleased with how I've been doing on the challenges.

Water: great
To-do list: good (I keep adding stuff to the list -- it's more than 3 -- but it helps me stay focused)
Move: great (I've been walking 2-3 miles each day plus JM's 30-Day Shred and arm resistance) -- I save the goofey dance when I'm in a slump.
Thankful Journal: good

T.O.M. arrived 3 days ago and knocked me down. I just did not feel like moving. But I did. I got at least my walk in, although slowly.

(Okay, I'm falling asleep here at the computer. Let's get the next challenge underway):

1. Continue to hydrate
2. Continue to move more
Stop eating or drinking 2-3 hours before bedtime (unless you have a medical condition where you need a cracker or milk with your medication before bed or some other very valid reason). That's my challenge for myself this week. It's a big one that has worked for me before.

Why do I want to do it? I don't need those extra calories to sleep. I have plenty to get me through the night. If those calories aren't used, then they are stored. Sleeping with a full tummy could also lead to indigestion and gas.

What if I'm hungry? Don't get mad at me for saying this, but, "
It's okay to feel hunger." It's not okay to deprive yourself of nutrition. It's not okay to starve. However, if I had balanced, full meals during the day and my nutritional needs are met, then it's okay for me to feel a little hungry before bed time. I'll plan for my breakfast the next day so I don't just grab anything.

1. Continue making "to-do" lists the night before.
2. Dance to get out of slumps

1. Thankful journal (continue) -- or at least mentally review what you are thankful for regarding the people in your life. It helps to write it down and reread during times you just don't feel thankful at all.


  1. Keep up the great work Gina! I love how your are writing it down to be accountable!

    On this: I don't need those extra calories to sleep. I have plenty to get me through the night. If those calories aren't used, then they are stored. Sleeping with a full tummy could also lead to indigestion and gas.

    I think most "experts" agree that it is not the eating at night that causes weight gain BUT the extra calories over & above what you are burning off.. meaning people eat too much & mindlessly at night. They are not necessarily stored as fat unless you are just plain eating too many calories. I eat a small snack in the eve but it is healthy & about 200 calories. I do agree with the indigestion though for those that eat too much close to bed!

    I think everyone has to do what is right for them & many just stop about 2 hours prior to bed as it really helps them because that is their "bewitching hour". :-) Meaning too hard to stop once they start. If you know that about yourself, best to stop.

    Me, I have adjusted to my 200 calories snack & then I brush my teeth right away!!!

  2. I do notice good things on the scale when I make myself tolerate a little hunger at bedtime.

    You're rockin' out! Cool stuff!

    I am better, though imperfect with hydration. Exercise is uneven-- No. Freakin. Time. lately. Things should be leveling out soon.

  3. I have an evening snack, but it's not a lot because I just don't like to go to bed with a full tummy. I used to all the time. I would pretty much eat until I went to bed, then have heartburn. Not any more!

  4. Ditto on what Jody said. I was recently told that it's okay to eat before bed, as long as it's a healthy choice, lots of protein, as our bodies go into the deep sleep it helps to keep your metabolism burning! I think the problem for me has always been the mindless eating - not eating for fuel - that has derailed me at bed.

  5. This reminded me of a story my friend told me years ago. She was watching Dr. Phil or one of those talk shows and they were talking to people having difficulty losing weight. One woman was adamant, "I don't eat too much, I just eat late!" My friend thought it was kind of comical that the woman felt that way, but I got what she was saying. I like to relax in the evening too and snacking and relaxing seem to go hand in hand.