Friday, June 25, 2010

Puppy Love

The Merry from Sheesh has requested to see some more of my German Shepherd, Hansi. I'm happy to oblige (a mom loves showing photos). Hansi is 16 months, neutered, and a beloved family member. His mom comes from an Argentinian line and does weight pulling competitions. One of his aunts is an avalanche rescue dog. The other does search and rescue.

Here are some favorites:

With our cat, Daisy (she loves dogs).
Wasatch Mountains

A boy and his dog.

Welcome home.

Getting a treat from Danny's mouth.

Watching Rin Tin Tin

"I make a cute face so you will play with me."

Watching more tv with his buddy (while I paint the bedroom).

Opening his Christmas gift (he managed to find, himself).

Loves to be brushed (and lets me trim his nails and brush his teeth).


  1. NOTE:
    To help Hansi be the best he can be and a beloved family member, we TRAINED HIM, TRAINED HIM, TRAINED HIM. We continue to reinforce the training.

    If anyone decides to own a dog, especially a big powerful dog, include in your expenses dog training. You and your dog (and your neighbors) will be happier for it. (Also include money for new shoes in your new-dog

  2. Oh, those are beautiful photographs! Thank you so much for posting them. It reminds me of when my GSD was young and full of energy.
    Training can be a fun game, and having a high-energy dog is a great way of making sure you get out there and exercise every day. I mean, who could resist a pleading look from those big brown eyes?

  3. Your Hansi is GORGEOUS!!!! I second the training part! My daughter trained out lab as a pup in 4-h dog obidience. When we got our cocker spaniel at 6 months old, we discovered he was very food aggressive (as will as no obidience training at all). So we quickly called the same trainer who does the 4-H dog obidience and 'cured' him from it lol. After that we went on to dog agility with our cocker to further train him. I will never own a pup/dog again without putting them through obidience training! I am pushing my neighbor to get their new pit bull (she is beautiful and so well adjusted!) It's a great bonding thing and helps for when they are older too.
    The pic "a boy and his dog" is precious!!!!!

  4. Thx for sharing Gina! CUTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Everybody!

  5. Thanks for sharing these! We have a small Sheltie that my oldest daughter loves a lot. Your photos are beautiful and show a wonderful family life!

  6. Skye's the Limit said...

    Awwww! What cute pics! I LOVE the ones of him watching tv! That is too cute! lol

  7. Oh, I love these photos! But I'm finding it more and more difficult to resist the urge to adopt a pet (or two.) Must.Avoid.