Saturday, January 1, 2011

I Didn't Like Yogurt

I had a rare, leisurely day yesterday.  No hurries.  So, I decided to finally break open the pomegranate that's been sitting on my counter for the past couple of weeks.

 Quite the mess.  So worth it.
Working hard for my breakfast.
( looks like it should be in the
opening credits for "Dexter.")

More appealing and so good.
It used to be that I didn't like yogurt.  I began eating it decades ago for the probiotics it supplied.  I would select the fat free variety in an attempt to be "good."  You know, fat-free this and fat-free that.  I went for the handy little containers with the endless flavor selections.

Have you seen the amount of sugar/HFCS in those things?  They have to add it to mask the flavor of fat-free.

I never could understand the attraction to yogurt nor why the French love it so much.  Then, I had normal, almost undoctored yogurt.  It was from a lonely, big tub (plain, with fat) amongst the limelight of the fat-free, showy, petite, artificially-flavored plastic packages who breeze through life always getting what they want... -- wait, I'm kinda getting off subject.

So, I tried plain with about 4% fat.  Much better.  I do add a little bit of organic sugar to it, but I control the amount -- much less than what the manufacturer puts in.  I also like to add different fruit and sometimes granola.  Other ways I've tried it is by adding my own vanilla and cinnamon.

Do I feel like I'm eating "bad" by choosing yogurt with fat?  Real food is to be enjoyed while providing nutrition.  It's satisfying.

Well, it's breakfast time, again.  I have left over pomegranate seeds.  And plain yogurt.  Yum.


  1. I was never much of a yogurt fan. But in the past year or so I tried to like it more. It is supposed to be darn good for us! I like it if I put cereal in it. Something to chew.

    BTW - I recently saw pomegranate seeds in the store. Just the seeds - work already done for you!

  2. Karen - It is kinda hard to eat without having something to chew. :) I agree.

    I'm curious now to see if it's the same with fat vs non-fat cottage cheese -- I wonder if I'll like cottage cheese in it's normal state.

    Thanks for the info about the ready-seeds!

  3. Great post--Hey, the countdown at the top reminds me I need to go shopping.

  4. I like the Greek yogurt much better. I do eat the non fat but add some Stevia or splenda to it. I usually add in my own fruit or dunk an apple or pear slices into it!

    Happy 2011!

  5. Hey Gina! My very favorite yogurt is greek yogurt with honey. Oh. Good. Gravy. It is so yummy and decadent!! I can't eat the artificially flavored stuff anymore - just tastes too sweet to me.

    I'm catching up on your Soul Eating (that sounded better in my head) posts - can't wait to listen to the audio!! :0)

  6. Ok, Jody and Jill -- I'll try the Greek, again. I did try the fat-free version - not a fan. I'll try to find it with some fat in it.

    Jody! Did I miss a birthday post? Happy Birthday!

  7. My first job out of college was in the sales & marketing department at Dannon yogurt. You can say I've always been a fan of it :)

    I eat at least 1-2 cups a day. I always buy plain regular or Greek, but I need to add something, even just a packet of Truvia helps. Otherwise I feel like I'm eating sour cream.

  8. Pomegranates don't have to be so messy. Just fill a large bowl with water. Immerse a portion of pomegranate under the water to begin removing the fruit portion. Doing so will prevent the "bloody" spatter that usually results when trying to pick out the fruity bits.