Sunday, January 30, 2011

Soup Recipe and Computer Allergy

First, here's a Veggie Quest recipe from "What Am I Supposed to Do With THAT?" --
Wild Mushroom Bisque

Last April, I reported having a computer allergy where my neck and exposed upper chest would get itchy, and my right-hand fingers would swell up twice their size, turn red, and have painful tips.  I drastically reduced blogging time.  Here and here.  Well, I've been having the reactions, again.  I had been increasing my computer use especially by typing out the "Eating for Your Soul" intros and lessons and having more recipes to post.  It's to the point where I can't stand touching the computer.  Now, as I type, I'm wearing the lovely yellow rubber gloves used for housecleaning.   Even with the gloves, it still feels a little weird.

I have a touch pad instead of a mouse.  My index is the first to swell because it's the one rubbing over the pad the most.  At night, I'm woken to a sensation that feels like a pin is being poked into my nail bed.  Ice packs bring a lot of relief, although they don't reduce the swelling.

Has anyone heard of this before?  My doctor was stumped about it last year when I showed him.

So, dear blogging friends, I may not comment as much, but please don't forget about me.


  1. I think you need to hire a hunk... some Hugh Jackman look-alike who will do your typing and mousing for you, while you lounge on the couch being hand-fed peeled grapes while minions do your housework and gently fan you with huge palm leaves.
    Come to think of it, I could use that as well.
    Seriously, that's a bummer of an allergy, considering how prevalent computers are. But perhaps it's your body trying to tell you something?

  2. Oooh Gina, that's a freaky allergy! You should get some of those fancy pink dishgloves for working on the computer. Something like these:

    Don't those look fun? I may have to order some for myself just because! :)

  3. Hmmm, what to do: The Merry's fantasy or fancy dishgloves? Hey, gals, they are both awesome!

  4. HOLY CRAP! I have never heard of this.. did you Google it or have someone else do that for you???

  5. Jody - No kidding! Yeah, I Googled it -- it's the same info as last year's posts with links (above). There are no answers although others report and ask about why their right finger/hand swells and why is it only the right side?

    The swelling has dramatically reduced since I stopped touching the computer directly several days ago (I've hardly been on it). NOW, though, the tips get colder faster, especially the index; the pad turns a blue and tingles/numbs with slight exposure to cold temps. Maybe it's just readjusting after the swelling. Very strange.