Thursday, January 20, 2011

Zumba Dork

I did it! I Zumba'ed! It was very enjoyable. The only bad part was the mirror. I looked like such a dork. Oh, well. If I made the other students feel better about themselves, then I'm happy to have obliged.
Here we are:
What? Aren't you tired of seeing half-dressed Zumba-ites
with their awesome abs?
(btw - Am I the only one that had to do this dance in 3rd grade?)

The instructor finished up with pilates. My legs were jell-o when I left. They were so fatigued that pressing my brakes was challenging.

I look forward to going back.

The plantar fasciitis is "itising", again; the muscles are tight and painful -- no doubt from today's activities. I'll keep with the stretching and foot exercises. I hope it doesn't stop me from the fun classes. Otherwise, I'll have to go back to pole dancing.


  1. I totally had to do the May Day Dance (not sure what it is called)...That is so crazy!! A couple of years ago, on May Day, I saw my neighbor erecting a colorful pole in his yard. I could not figure out what he was doing. Before I knew it, people were going over there carrying food. They had a May Day potluck. It was really fun watching them dance! What a memory!

    Keep focused!

  2. Yay!! So glad you had a good time at Zumba. I'm going to start in February after Boot Camp is over.

    Hope your foot starts feeling better!! :)

  3. I hope your foot feels better too. If not, I promise I won't complain if you have to resort to pole dancing.

  4. Hope that foot gets better! Doing something you really enjoy is important!

  5. I am so psyched for you! Isn't it fun?

    LOL at the Maypole dancing. I went to a women's college where Maypoles were erected every spring!

  6. A Zumba dork is much better than a Zumba virgin. I'm going to have to try this.

  7. Zumba is great. Don't worry, you will get less dorky with practice, I'm living proof :-)

  8. SO unbelievable to come across this....I, too, had to do the May Pole Dance in 3rd grade. At Horace Mann Elementary School in Lima, OH. Good times. Good stuff.