Thursday, February 25, 2010

Dr. Oz and Diane, Fit to the Finish

Our blogging-angel, Diane from Fit to the Finish, was recently a guest on Dr. Oz (2-16-10). I took a few notes to re-cap her and other guests' weight-loss tips. As a bonus, Dr. Oz provides 100 additional tips.

Diane, aka Wellness Warrior, will also blog for Dr. Oz. See here.

{After typing in the info below, I finally found the link for that day's episode. Click here. I'll just include both.}

1. As you lose the weight, purge the larger clothes, get rid of them.
2. "Cheating" will happen. For every time you cheat, do 10 minutes of physical activity.

(She had counted calories and watched portion-control. She loved food and hated exercise but did it to continue enjoying her food. The exercise brought good feelings, and she's now a personal trainer. If she can learn to love exercise, then anyone can).
1. Don't skip breakfast; make it the largest, healthiest meal of the day.
2. Know your trigger food and tweak it to make healthier versions of it.

[Losing the weight actually created more time for her because she was healthier (had the energy and ability to do more).]
1. Two words for us: Patience and Persistence
2. After eating, and you want more, set a timer for 15 minutes and get busy doing something else. If you are still hungry, then have something else. More than likely, the hunger would have subsided.
3. For juice: use the small bathroom cups (i.e. Dixie cups) for portion control. Sometimes she pours it into bottled water for flavor.
4. Rate food 1-10. If it's a "10" then go ahead and have a bit of it. If it isn't, then pass it up. (This is especially helpful when going out or to parties/potlucks, etc.)

(Do it today. Don't lose out on the next 10-20 years).
1. Prep day: She makes 5 lunches for the week and puts snack in bags.
2. Sugar-free fruit pops for her treat.

Also: there was a lady in the audience in her 70's who recently lost over 100 pounds. It's never to late to start making good habits for yourself.


  1. I saw this Dr. Oz episode and was happy for all those folks. I could have been in the audience with my 100 Tshirt on. I totally agree with your last statement. Never too late.

  2. Thanks for the information about the show! I love looking at before and after pictures of people. I hope you are having a great week!

  3. I didn't hear about Dianne's appearance until the day of the show so I was only able to see about 15 minutes. Do you know if it will be repeated? I'd love to see it in it's entirety.

  4. I saw this show and loved it! Wasn't it neat seeing Diane on there and knowing who she was before she ever went on the show? :) I almost felt famous! :)

    I learned a lot from their tips that day.

  5. those women are all FREAKIN amazing.

    I have watched the episode a few times already :)

  6. Absolutely inspiring and amazing. I LOVE Diane's blog.

  7. Just wandered over here to your blog for the first time today. I am a Dr. Oz fan, so your post was interesting to me. I love seeing all of these success stories and try to incorporate some of the helpful hints.

  8. Thank you for posting this recap! I was excited to watch that day, but right when dr oz normally comes on (on nbc), it switched to the olypics!! I'm going to have to wait till it's a rerun and hope I don't miss it that day.

  9. Hi! I'm new to your blog today. I was reading your profile, I'm also 41, have 3 kids and am in weight loss mode. I profiled Diane on my site, she is such an inspiration.

    I will be coming back for sure!

  10. Hi, everybody! Thank you for stopping by. You can see some clips of the show on YouTube. I typed in Dr. Oz 100 and that brought up a few.

  11. I watched that show & it was so cool!!!!! All such inspirations!

  12. Thanks for posting this, good stuff. It's so positive, versus extreme-- I'm not a Biggest Loser person but I really appreciate this kind of thing.

  13. I DVR all the Dr Oz shows and was going to watch this episode the other night but it turns out the DVR was full and had started to automatically erase old episodes so I missed it.