Friday, February 26, 2010

I Don't Want This Gift To Myself

Being pink does not make it any more fun.

When I turned 40, Jan. '09, I told myself I was going to get the works in medical care: blood tests, gynecological exam, dental, physical, stress test, skin test, etc. Last year, I only took care of the skin exam. Both of my grandparents had skin cancer, and I grew up in Arizona hardly using sun screen. So I had that done, and results were fine. But I put off the rest.

It just stresses me out to have to make appointments and go. Then to have to get naked...ugh. Well, I guess I wouldn't have to get naked for the dentist, but that's besides the point. Insurance kind of played a roll in my putting things off, too.

Here's my gift to myself (except I'm not the one who gets to open the box) -- Today I made my GYN appointment. It's in a couple of weeks. I really should have done it a few years ago.

I have a question for you: What blood tests would you recommend I request? Iron levels, thyroid... I'm not sure what to ask for.


  1. ha ha on the gyno comment! I hate going but it's one of those necessary evils. GRRRRR

    I'm not sure about the blood tests. But whatever you get, please keep us posted on your progress and what you end up getting done. :)

  2. I dread the yearly gyno appointment too, but I always go. I love how they always tell you what they are going to do in advance-as if saying, "cold gel coming in" or "a lot of pressure now" is going to make it any less unpleasant. LOL!

  3. I don't like going either, but I definitely go. As far as blood work goes, I always just ask my doctor what I should have. Definitely thyroid!

  4. I have no idea what tests to ask for (I am taking notes on the other comments).

    I don't have a problem going to doctor visits. I guess I just see them as necessary and not a big deal. Remember...your doctors are there to help you, not hurt you.

    Oh, and you know I'm going to put a good word in for the dentist since my husband will be one in approx. 15 months. :) Unfortunately, we know most people don't like them, but they are also there to help you get out of your pain..not cause you more. :)

    Okay, that's my more-than-two-cents. I hope your visits turn out fine and you're able to get through them without too much stress. *hug*

  5. You can do this!

    I would ask for a complete blood profile including hormones. The hormone tracking will help the doc as the bod goes thru perimenopause. Definitely ask the doc what else should be done, like Diane mentioned thyroid.

  6. Because of my weight, I always ask for a blood sugar test. That, and a liver panel. I agree, tho' that these OB/GYN appointments are the pits, even tho' they are essential. I dread them each and every time.

  7. GYNs don't usually do the routine bw, do they? They did draw H&H for me and I was indeed anemic. In general, I think a fasting blood sugar, a lipid panel(usually also fasting) , and an H&H are a good idea for a healthy person just checking in. And thyroid-- there's a couple of different tests for that. Good for you for getting this taken care of.

  8. my gyno doesn't do the bloodwork routine either unless there is some kind of problem that requires bloodwork. you may have to go to your primary for an annual physical to get that bloodwork done. a pain in the neck, but always good to check in and make sure everything is going on inside your body imo. :)

  9. As mentioned above, GYN's usually don't order those tests. It should be fairly simple for he/she to order, but it's typically done by a primary care doctor.

    I would suggest:
    Hormone Panel (estrogen, androgens, etc)
    Insulin + Glucose

  10. I hate that yearly appointment. I would just get what Nicole said :-)

  11. Yea..what Nicole You are aweosme. Thanks for visiting my monthly blog post! LOL.
    And thank you for putting me in touch with/introducing me to a fellow mamabear fitness blogger. You are goodness! So, you are new to 41, huh? I have 5 mos to 42, grrr..I like that you made all these, not fun at all..but we gotta do em. Don't forget to get the mamagram order too! That's a good time as well..not that bad. I just did that & dentist. I even did foot dr! Next stop dermatologist. Oh, did eye dr. apt about a year ago , as well. Anyway, thanks for your support. Hope the gyne appt goes quick and easy. Hey, at least they won't tell you you've gained weight, right?

  12. Not my favorite check up either. I need to make an appointment for mine, I'm about a year over due on this.
    Looks like you got some good answers to the blood work question. I'm clueless about that so I don't have any advice. I hope the check up goes well.