Monday, March 22, 2010

Vintage vs. Modern Ads - humor to ponder

My mom sent me some vintage advertisements for cigarettes, lard, and diet remedies. When I saw them I thought, "Wow. We've come a long way." Or have we? I put together a collage of Then-and-Now ads.

THEN: Blow smoke in her face, and she'll follow
you anywhere. Ad execs must have thought we
were idiots. I'm so glad they don't anymore.
Oh, wait...

AND NOW (Sadly): If guys spray themselves in a
cloud of Axe, women from everywhere will
want to mate with them.


THEN: If they only knew. Ignorance is bliss.

AND NOW (Okay, close to now): Sugar, HFCS, and caramel coloring
do add something, but it isn't life.


THEN: Give yourself tapeworms as a
weight control method.
NOW: Some labs are working on
destroying taste buds to control our appetites.
(I'm sorry I don't have the source).


THEN: Cigarettes must be okay if doctors
smoke them.

(Okay, I'm stretching the connection).


THEN: Husband isn't in the mood (yeah, right) until
wife uses Lysol for feminine hygiene.

NOW: Axe for women, anyone?


  1. Oh my gosh these are funny!!!! The lard one and the tapeworms?! Did you see that it said "sanitized tapeworms"? And blowing smoke in someone's face - when was that a turn on!? LOL

  2. I hate to say that I recall many of those older ads!!!!! We used to scream bloody you know what when my mom smoked & especially when we were in the car with windows up during the cold months.

    Saying that, I HATE those Axe commercials! My hubby thinks they are ridiculous too!

    Thx for the laughs or should I say the OMG's!!!

  3. They're happy because they eat lard?! Is that what has been between me and happiness for all these years?! ;-)

  4. The doctors smoking Camels. Wow, what a good idea!

  5. Life would be so much easier if they just brought those sanitized tape worms back! lol

  6. My husband said people thought he had a tape worm when he was younger...I believe it. Not me. :)

    Funny ads. Thanks for sharing.

  7. I get a kick out of old ads too! Have things changed or is it more of the almost same?

  8. I love the tapeworm ad! How hilarious!

  9. omg, those were so funny! thanks for taking the time to dig them up for our amusement. :)

  10. These were great! I can't believe the doctor smoking cigarettes. What were they thinking back then??

  11. What a hoot! Thanks for the giggles and eye rolls. :)

  12. but what the hell is a *sanitized* tapeworm? how they do that? LOL! but uh, I cook with Lard once per year for Christmas dinner. hehe

  13. I remember as a kid, blowing smoke in someone's face meant that you wanted to have sex with them. I had a housemate that had a tapeworm, I suggested that I should get one, and he looked at me as if I just laid a huge turd in the middle of the room. Not at all worth it, as per him.

  14. I just read your comment over on A Merry Life (no relation) and excuse me? What do you mean "if" your blog is awesome? Woman, if there's any doubt let me remove it right now. Your blog is like you! Of course it's awesome!

  15. Hmmm, maybe a tapeworm would solve my woes.

    Just for the record, my son experimented around with the axe. I get a headache just looking at the stinky crap in the can - whew, I was glad when he outgrew it.

  16. These are crazy and I know they are supposed to be funny but they sort of outrage me. Seriously WTH?? Not at you :-) but at the advertisers who wrote them. I've seen that ax ad where all these stick then woman with breasts (of course) run like wild animals to the guy on the beach. PULEEZE. I could go on and on but I wont' rant on your blog!!!!! Ha hah!!! Oh yeah that first one is pretty stinkin' (no pun intended) hilarious.

    BTW Thanks for stopping by my probably wish you hadn't now. ;-)