Saturday, January 2, 2010

Plantar Fasciitis

It's a new year with new challenges. We're all gung-ho, taking on new activities, and possibly prone to injury. I just want to give you a heads-up about plantar fasciitis (and here, a more in-depth account), one of the most common foot-pain complaints. The heel hurts, especially when you first place your foot down in the morning. There can be even more pain after walking for long periods of time.

Risk factors include foot arch problems, obesity, running, sudden weight gain, tight Achilles tendon.

Catch it early. Don't ignore it. It's treatable, but ignoring it will make it worse.

Cranky Fitness gave a great post on the subject here. I also found some stretches for it from the PF Community.

Yeah, I'm experiencing symptoms. I've stopped the jump-roping and may modify the PC challenge because my heel starts hurting after 2.5 miles. I really need some new tennis shoes. I have cheap ones that are at least 1.5 years old: worn down, pinky-toe holes...and comfortable. Bad, I know. I did purchase some orthotics today to help until I can get to a good store that knows their shoes and how to fit people like me.

Good luck with your challenges!


  1. Gina thanks for the info, I had never heard of this. I particularly like the image you have of the feet. LOL

  2. YIKES! Watch that.. it is not a good thing. I have been lucky.. knock on wood! With my VERY BAD flat & wide feet with bunions & all the crazy workouts I do, I have not had this stop me... knock on wood again! :-)

    Wearing the right shoes for what you are doing & replacing them when needed is so important to keeping not only the feet but the knees, ankles & more healthy! Glad you got those orthotics & check out good shoes too!

    Good luck!

  3. Ditto Jody on the yikes.

    You've scared me a bit. I don't want PF!

    Then again, if I were going to get it, I should have gotten it by now.


  4. I've had that but it did go away-- I think it was switching away from elliptical trainer to more zumba, or maybe just luck. I was able to work around it okay. Hope yours passes quickly!

  5. I never had this - but I did have problems at one point with the ball of my foot. I had to see a podiatrist and he prescribed rest and a pad thingy to wear in my shoe. I rode my bike until it got better and it's been years since I have had food problems.

    I too hope yours gets better soon!

  6. I've had PF off and on over the years, as has my sister, but happily, neither of us have had it for a few years now thanks to the stretches and exercises we did.

  7. good info, thanks! i just wanted to say thank you, also, for stopping by my blog. i look forward to reading more of yours! love the pic of your son and your german shepherd, so cute! we have 2 german shepherd mixes, one with lab and one with mastiff.
    good luck with the PF issues.

  8. Get better shoes!! (Get fitted, spend the money, it will be worth it.)