Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Frontier House

I may have mentioned this before: I like cooking, but I don't like doing it three times a day everyday of the week (plus snacks). Now, with trying to add good stuff to the bad and phasing out the bad, I find it very time-consuming. I will keep going, though, believing it will become second-nature. Maybe then it (healthy cooking) will go faster once I'm good at it.

That's the plan, anyway.

Have you seen the PBS show Frontier House? They took modern people and had them live in a recreated 1880's frontier with most of its challenges. I watched it many years ago. One thing I remember about it is one of the characters, I think it was Kristen, commenting on how she's in the "kitchen" almost all day. She's up early preparing the first meal of the day, and by the time she's done cleaning up after it, it's time to begin preparing the next meal...three times a day. She had very little time for herself.

I know I have modern conveniences and don't have to grow my own food, haul water from the creek or start and keep a fire-pit going, but I have days when I feel I'm in the kitchen almost all day making healthy home-cooked meals and cleaning up after them. It gets old. Actually, it's my attitude that gets old. I wish I had a better attitude and excitement towards these life changes while I'm chopping away.

The pioneers (and other cultures/times) had to spend that much time on cooking because it's a matter of survival. Well, Gina, isn't paying attention and time to what you and your family eat also a matter of survival? Isn't it worth the time and effort?

Something else that struck me about the show was the wedding cake for Kristen and her fiance. Sugar was scarce during those times. The different families all donated some sugar and rationed eggs for the cake. It was thoroughly enjoyed by all during the celebration. They savored it. The sweet treat was a rarity. The ingredients were real.

I wish I could do the same.

Shifting gears:

Bring on the water. I noticed last month I did so well and felt better overall when I increased the amount of water I drank. I let that goal slip when I was remodeling (lazy about frequent bathroom breaks). So, tomorrow, bottoms-up!

Spiritual mini-goal: I have a couple of daily-devotional books that my parents gave me years ago. I'll start reading them in the morning. They are quick and easy and will at least put something positive into my sleepy head. I'll follow that with a personal prayer.

I found my thankful journal. I'll start that, again, too, and shift it over to mental/emotional mini-fitness goals. First thing I'll enter is that I'm thankful to have food three times a day.


  1. Oh, hey...Question: Does anyone have a favorite healthy, kid-friendly recipe to share, something that includes vegetables? I'd be very interested and grateful. Thank you!

  2. Gina, thank you for visiting my blog. I'm going to put a link to yours on mine. :)

    I never saw the show that you mentioned, but it sure sounds interesting! I also agree with you that sometimes it seems like making whole foods is so much more time consuming than just grabbing something on the go.

    I've gotten in the habbit of using my Sunday to make up large amounts of things I can use for most of the week. For instance, I'll cook up a big batch of steel cut oatmeal to last me for 3-4 breakfasts. I'll also cook up a big batch of brown rice for many meals during the week; dice and slice veggies for my salad, etc. It really helps to get a lot of this done on one afternoon!

  3. Ahh! A prep-day. I like it! I bet I could involve my kids in that, too. Thank you for the suggestion.

  4. I can't get veggies into my 7 year old, but she will drink smoothies-- usually berries and yogurt, you can add protein powder and it won't be missed.

    I am willing to prepare one cooked meal a day. Other than that, it's macaroni or sandwiches. I'm a bad momma.

  5. I loved making "ants on a log" when I was little. You get celery and spread peanut butter in the crease. The ants were made out of raisins. The kids can place the raisins in the PB. The snack is a great source of protein and you get your veggies in. Just watch the amount of pb they use :)

  6. I do the smoothies for the kids because that is the easiest way for them to eat their fruits and veggies.
    Thanks for commenting on my blog. Sorry it has taken me so long to get back to you!
    In regards to the running, I started to like running when I had my partner. I never liked it before, but I needed to lose weight so I set a huge goal of a half marathon. Most people pick a 5K... I picked a half marathon because everybody started to talk about how they lost weight with running. Anyway, I started to love running during the runs with my friend and when we went to different areas around town because it gave me a chance to go sight- seeing at the same time. It also feels great to get in the fresh air. I am not a fast runner, but I love to go at a good steady pace :-) Running pushed me more than I thought I could go. I never wanted to go out for more than a mile or two mile jog because I was bored. Now that I have more running partners, it makes it a better experience.