Thursday, December 3, 2009

Gina aka Cookie Monster

'Tis the season to be fat and jolly, fa la la la belch la la la la

I went to a Christmas party tonight tired and had no plan of action in my pocket and no focus on goals. (Huh? what goals... what are goals?) The only thing I could focus on were the homemade frosted sugar cookies...thousands of them. Okay, not thousands unless I say "thousands of calories of them." Oh, and let's not forget the chocolate-dipped pretzel sticks. My first bite into it I thought, "Now why would I want to give this up? It's sooo good!"

I was like Oz's brain.

"Must......have.....more....." (Cookies! ngum ngum ngum)

Fa la la la ptht! la la la la :-p


  1. ok I know Im toooo suzie sunshine but....THIS IS KIND OF GREAT NEWS!

    if you had gone with a plan and intentions and goals and STILL swerved off your path it would have taken far more itme and thought to unravel why!

    just think of this as a DAY DONE! and now you know to go to the soirees with a focus on goals and a PLAN B at the ready as well.

    let me know if you need a hand!


  2. You are hilarious! I love the Cookie Monster picture :-)

  3. I like the above comments from "Miz." Makes a lot of sense to me. JazzySinger

  4. Ah, but you don't give it up. You just don't need lots of it, every day, right? I thought that way for 18 years until I realized, it's all a continuum. I didn't eat a batch of cookies a day-- but I might eat a batch in a week. Now I eat 2 in a week. And I enjoy them very much. I didn't enjoy the batch any more than I do the 2. Just had to get that through my thick skull.

    Great point from MizFit.

  5. Solo Slim darling, Solo Slim... its the only thing that has ever worked in my entire life and I have lost 55 pounds and 5 pant sizes.. the Solo Slim extra strength is safe and all natural and saved me from the deep depression I was in for being so over weight! Solo Slim is the best thing since sliced bread and trust me, I love my love, Sonja

  6. Om nom nom!

    I can totally be a cookie monster around this time of year. Everyone seems to think freshly baked cookies are the best gift idea.

  7. I love cookies. Seriously. Cakes I can resist, pies, take it or leave it. But cookies? Those are still hard!

    One good thing is that now you know, next time you must have a firm plan in your head before you go. Then you have a point of reference floating around your brain when those cookies are calling your name. Your brain can tell you, "Gina, your plan is to have 1 cookie and enjoy it." Then you can decide whether or not to listen!!

    Take care, and a few cookies don't ruin anything in the long term.

  8. I have a problem with girl scout cookies, but no worries you';; be fine.