Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Award II - The Lie About Me Revealed

My last post listed 8 things about me, one being a lie:

1. I used to drive a pink 1965 convertible Mustang.
2. I married my childhood sweetheart.
3. I was an atheist and ended up joining a church that had been on the top of my dislike list.
4. Someone smashed into my car's left door and front fender. I spray-painted "Sh*t Happens" (without the *) across the left side and drove it around like that until I got it fixed.
5. I married someone I only knew for three weeks.
6. I can do 18 push ups in one set.
7. I took myself to Kauai, Hawaii and spent most of the week alone: me, the beach, and a VW van.
8. I'm a horrible liar.

I did drive a '65 convertible Mustang.  My father bought it when I was a baby.  I grew up in that car.  It was passed on to me when I graduated.  It was a bronze color at the time.  Someone turned into me and wiped out my left side, but it was still drivable.  Do you remember those bumper stickers that said, "Sh*t Happens?"  I spray painted that across the left side of the car.  My boss didn't think it was funny and made me park in the back until I had it fixed a couple of weeks later.  THAT'S when it was painted pink with black vinyl.  I had to sell it after 9-11-01 to pay the bills.  (1,4)

I did marry my childhood sweetheart.  Met him at 16, married him at 18, divorced him by 20.  (2)


I married someone I only knew for 3 weeks at age 26.  Danny and I will celebrate 15 years together next week, Sept. 15.  (5)

I was an atheist and the Mormons (LDS) were at the top of my dislike list.  Danny invited the Missionaries into our home almost 12 years ago.  My perceptions of them were wrong.  We converted 11 years ago, giving up alcohol, tobacco and coffee (almost -- that's a hard one).  If you want to read about my conversion story, it's on my other blog here.  (3)

Two weeks after I had my car repaired and painted pink, someone else clipped my front fender.  It was minor.  I put off repairing it and took myself to Hawaii, instead with the money.  I had a friend that lived in Kauai.  She lent me her VW van and let me sleep on the couch.  I had just gone through the divorce and had been doing a lot of rebounding.  I just needed to be alone to think.  I loved it so much that I gave away most of my stuff and planned on moving there.  Then I met a Tom Petty look-alike and stayed on the main land with him a couple of years.  (7)

I AM a horrible liar.  I can't even put on a poker face to hide a joke or prank.  I dread it when my kids ask if there is a tooth fairy, etc.  I just say, "I've never seen one."  (8)

That leaves #6 - I CAN'T do 18 push-ups.  I can maybe do 10 from the knees.  (Sorry, Jody).


  1. Met to married in 3 weeks? I thought I was quick - while we moved in 3 weeks after meeting, we married six months after we met - and will be celebrating 10 years this December!

    Loved this post!

  2. Just found your blog. Really like the way you organized your blog links (I did something similar, but like your system better). I also like the fact that you twisted the rules for the Versatile blogger award. Good for you. Stay strong! Michele @

  3. I got engaged to my hubs 3 DAYS after I met him. :) he then flew to iraq, I didnt see him for 6 months and the day after he returned we were married.

    crazy, but we're happy ;)

  4. I'm with you on the push-ups! Glad that you have a husband and a faith that are perfect for you!

  5. Fun post! Been catching up....

    Overall I'm thinking, you are not giving up on yourself and your health. YAY!!!!!

    Keep hanging in there. I hope you were able to take care of your clutter like you hoped and that the PF goes away soon. It's a vex to finally get back in the groove and then be in pain.

    Have a great day!

  6. wow, that was really neat to read! thanks for the entertainment and congrats on 15 years (and 3 weeks)!

  7. I can't find how to subscribe to your blog.. just the post & not the comments so I know when you write a new one. Am I missing something???

    Anyway, you were a wild one! I love that you went to Hawaii. I so want to have a house on the Bog Island in Kohala.. up on the hill near pasture land.. so beautiful!

    Hey, I once could not even do a "man push-up". You will get there!

    Such a fun post!