Thursday, September 2, 2010

He's Only Just Begun

My youngest began kindergarten yesterday. I have a mix of emotions. Among them is the realization that this is the first time in almost 11 years that I will have kid-free mornings. It's been a crazy 11 years.

And it's been a busy month. (Good grief, only one post for August). We made tremendous progress on my parents' "new" old home, I finally have my computer back, the yellow jacket sting has cleared up as well as the cellulitis (but not the cellulite) and the colitis -- recap

I was happy to finally venture away from the safety zone of my bathroom. I even signed up (and paid) for
WasatchWoman's 5th Annual Love Your Body 6K Run/Walk -- my first running event!!! It will be October 9th. Within the first week of training, plantar fasciitis made itself clearly known, again. I first developed PF last January. It improved, but I must have become complacent because it's back. It doesn't look good for the 6K. I can't even do exercise walking until I've had a full week of no pain. Shoes must be worn all the time including night trips to the restroom. I have really good shoes complete with orthotics. They are lovely with my Sunday church dress.
: p

I have to admit, this PF thing had really gotten me down. Walking boosts my mood and energizes me. Without it, I had slipped into a depression. I felt defeated. (Or, is it de-feeted?)

Being the strong, resilient woman I am, I
shifted my focus to foot friendly exercises like resistance training, pilates and yoga binged. (So much for being aware of what is good for my colon -- last post). I sort of wished I could turn on the colitis again to keep me from binge-eating.

Now what? I'm going to clean my house. During my pity-party, I pretty much ignored my chores and myself. I didn't want to deal with anything. I didn't want to cook anything. Fitness had left the building -- physical, mental, and most of all, spiritual.

Tomorrow, I'm going to work on becoming clutter-free, clean the kitchen and bathrooms and get rid of dead clothes. I'll have to baby the PF, but it has to get done.l I'd also like to clear the family room floor so I have room for my resistance training, pilates and yoga. With the little one now in kindergarten, I have those couple of hours in the morning.

Do you remember when you were in kindergarten? For most of us, falling down was fun, jumping and running in bare feet were good for us, we ate when we were hungry and stopped when full -- even if only half the ice-cream cone or cookie was eaten. New tasks were adventures not burdens. We knew how to play. Happy was easy.

back to basics for me. Tomorrow, I will begin drinking water about every 1 1/2 hours, again. I've totally neglected hydration. Water should help my mood a bit.

(I also want to thank Joy and Skye for the Versatile Blogger Award; I haven't forgotten about that and am very grateful you thought of me. That will be my next post).


  1. Oh, he's such a cutie!

    I'm sorry you're having so many health issues. It seems, though, that you have a good handle on them now and are ready to overcome the obstacles they present. Good for you!

  2. Hi Gina,

    How exciting for Skye! Is Kindergarten only half day where you are? Enjoy those kid-free mornings!

    Sorry to hear you're having problems with PF again.
    I think I had the same problems earlier in the summer, it started during the move and then we moved into the new house where we have lots of tile that my feet don't like. A friend of mine recommended a shoe called Holey Soles for wearing inside. I bought a pair online. My feet were getting better even before they arrived (from resting them a lot) but I still felt a huge difference after getting them. They're similar to crocs but softer, popular among nurses.
    I hope it gets better soon so you can get back to your walks/runs.

    BTW, I've started C25K. Downloaded it to my iphone. I'm only on the second week so far but I'm enjoying it! Michael started it too but he's in better shape than I am from working out on the road so he skipped ahead to week 5.

    Talk to you later.

  3. What an adorable photo!

    Can you do biking with the PF?

  4. Anna - K is 2 hr 50 min (but who's counting?) Thanks for the Holey Soles info; I'll check them out.

    Lori - I wonder about the biking ... as long as I keep the calf muscles stretched often, it may be okay. But, I don't have a bike. I've wanted one and told myself I'll consider getting a cheap one when I clear out the garage from our move. Thanks for the idea.

  5. Ugh - you've had a rough month!! Enjoy those kid-free mornings! Perfect for getting your work outs done. Or drinking coffee and reading a mag! :)

  6. Hi Gina! Your son is a cutee!!! My oldest stepdaughter was so thrilled to have some time to herself!!! She still has one in pre-school & not yet full time & she is waiting for that. She embraces having more time for herself!

    As for your health.. so sorry!!!! Have you gone to a sports doctor who may have better ideas for how to handle this & what you can do, exercise wise, to work around this? Sometimes they are much more in tune with the active part of it.

    I hope you find ways to work thru this! Hang in there. As we all know, food is at least 75% of it so work hard on that. I hope you are able to find help with the movement part as I know for many, like me too, such a stress reliever.

  7. That's such a cute picture that I'll even forgive you for the Karen Carpenter earworm :)

    I'm going to try cleaning the house as a form of motivation -- I tend to feel more in control of my life when everything around the house is organized.

  8. He's adorable! My 6th child started Kindergarten this year and he is so excited. I love seeing him enjoy learning - so great! Good luck on the decluttering-that's the story of my life.

    Can you bike? I could bike when I was having foot problems and when I broke my toe. Swim?

  9. Jody - I haven't been to a sports doctor. I do have a referral for a acupuncturist from someone who used him for her PF. He's also a runner and chiropractor. Thanks for the idea because I hadn't really thought about it. I am going to have to focus on nutrition. I can't just eat and say I'll walk an extra mile anymore.

    The Merry - I understand about feeling more in control when the home is orderly.

  10. Checking back in
    how is the kindergartner doing?

    loving it?