Tuesday, September 14, 2010

No-Binge Beads and Our 15-Year Anniversary

September 15, 1995, Danny (21) and I (26) married in Danforth Chapel on the Arizona State University campus. It was very simple and very casual. And a little crazy.

Here we are then (a few weeks after the wedding) in '95 (1995, although it looks like 1895):

And now, '10:

There's been a lot of changes. Sure, I miss the smoother skin and younger body, but I really miss the free spirit I had.

Binge-Free Beads

Confessions of a (Recovering) Compulsive Eater used beads on a bracelet to mark how many days/weeks/months/years she has been binge-free. You can read more about the beads here. I liked the idea of having a constant reminder around my wrist while I prepare meals and make different food-decisions. Here are my beads and empty string:

I need to define for myself what a binge-free day is -- binge-free and compulsive-free. This definition may have to build on itself. For starters, it's having a plan and sticking to it. The plan at first may be simple (i.e. I'm not ready to count calories and measure every morsel of food. I just want to make sure I don't buy that package of cookies and snarf them or take extra servings when I'm not hungry). If I feel I sincerely kept to my plan, I'll get a bead. If I binge, all beads are removed and I start over.

It's obvious I don't have it all figured out, yet. If I wait until I do, then it won't get done. It's just one of those things to jump into and make adjustments as I go. (I think that's the approach I had when I married 15 years ago).


  1. I like the bracelet idea for binge free or other days.

    I did count calories when I first started fro about 6 weeks. It really helped me to figure out exactly how many calories a portion was rather than what it really is. I honestly learned some good portion control doing it. Now I spot check a day here and there and measure and count. I do credit my success (16 pounds off) to this method. ANd, it is not so bad or hard to do.

    Thanks fro stopping by my blog. I, too, Halloween. This year it will be the costumes, not the candy that are the envent!

  2. Sorry: Happy Anniversary, too! 15 years is fabulous and it only gets better.

  3. Happy Anniversary!! Great looking couple and family!
    Hope you have a wonderful day!
    (I was able to get into the blog once I used Safari)

  4. Happy anniversary! You have a beautiful family and good path for moving forward.

  5. Happy Anniversary!!! Such a nice looking family! :)

    I like the bracelet idea. I think I'll make one for myself for every day that I don't overeat. (Kind of the same thing as being binge-free I guess.) I think your beads are really pretty!!

    Just one thing though - don't unravel the whole bracelet if you have one binge day in the middle there somewhere. One day won't undo all your hard work!! :)

  6. Happy Anniversary! We join you guys on celebrating our 15th on September 24th. I also got married in Tempe ... just a few block from ASU at our church. Small world. :)

    The beads things sounds like a neat idea. I hope it works for you. I'd forget to do something like that, so journaling food each day works best for me.

    Glad to hear from you again!

  7. It's always great to focus on the positive and the beads can be a constant visual reminder of how well you've done. Good luck!

    Happy Anniversary too!

  8. OK, I am not getting updates when you post so I guess I must remember to stop by!!! :-)

    Happy belated bday to mom!

    I like your approach & only you will know if it works for you.... why not try, right!!! Confessions did a great job with her go at it!!! I love reading about her challenges over the binges & she succeeded!

    You can do this Gina!

  9. Happy Anniversary! I think the beads are a terrific idea and I know you can do this Gina.