Saturday, November 14, 2009


(Above: Daisy and Hansi) Didn't exercise today. I think it would have helped my mood. Impatient. Sad. Anxious about my to-do list. I'll be putting my cat, Daisy, to sleep tomorrow. we have a vet in our church and as a neighbor, and she said she'll come over to our home to do it. Tender mercies.

Daisy is over 16 years old (we've had her for over 14). She was the first member of our growing family. She's endured 8 moves, two dogs, another cat, and 3 kids. She's been a neighborhood favorite. One neighbor in Virginia offered to keep her when we moved (I think they missed Daisy more than us). We had a neighbor in Illinois who hated cats but made an exception for her. Sometimes she acted like a dog. She'd come when we whistled and would go on walks with us. She adored our first dog, Heidi.

Oh, I'm going to miss her.


  1. I'm so sorry Gina! That's a hard thing! We had our cat put to sleep at our home, in our arms. I dug the grave in the yard and the children and I had a kitty funeral for her. I hope you do okay tomorrow.

  2. Thank you...yeah, the kids wanted to dig, then I finished up, and we all buried her. I was going to get more garden soil and some bulbs today to plant.

    It's hard, isn't it!? Yet, we keep inviting the creatures into our lives.

    I'm trying to "let myself feel the pain" instead of numbing it with food. Yesterday was hard, today is better.