Monday, November 2, 2009

So Much For My word

I blew it. Ate several pieces of Halloween candy (KitKats, Crunch, whoppers). I was doing well...then...ugh. It's a I was a possessed crazy woman.

I'm trying to be aware of what I was feeling, etc. Tired because I couldn't sleep last night. Sick...have a tight chest and a cough that started during the night. Cramps (yeah, THAT started, too). And hungry. It's lunchtime, and I hadn't eaten anything since the egg this morning. I was also feeling unproductive.

At least I didn't buy any junk at the grocery store...cuz I didn't go. and resolve will return. Keep drinking water and eat real food.

1 comment:

  1. I'm about to write a post on binge-and-purge. Which I stole from another blogger, and makes wonderful sense. Not sticking your finger down your throat, but gathering up all those crappy little wrappered foods and either giving them away or putting them in the hands of a trusted family member with good hiding skills and have them make it disappear.

    Sorry you're sick, any better today?