Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Ugh, Still

Danny's home...thank goodness. No energy. Hopefully today was the worst of it. Danny bought me a container of vanilla Haagen-Dazs ice-cream. Ohh, it felt so soothing on my fire-hot throat.

My daughter brought me a plate full of fruit (grapes, apple slices, banana) and a glass of o.j. She even came and got the plate when I was done. Angel.

The cats are on me keeping me warm (and finding refuge from Hansi, our "puppy").

It's been great reading others' fitness blogs. Reading about it isn't going to get me fit, though, but it is motivating.

1 comment:

  1. poor thing!!
    I hate when you just get going and then something knocks you on your feet and you have to just STOP and let your body heal. it's a bit frustrating. Hope you feel better soon!!