Thursday, November 26, 2009

My Thanksgiving Post (and Story-in-the-Round)

(My sons, Thomas and Skye, on the slide horsing around and sharing the only chair in our basement, watching tv. My daughter and me this morning).

This isn't exactly fitness related, although being thankful and remembering good times enhances spiritual health.

Yesterday, I gleaned some great ideas from others' blogs and wanted to share those, especially with family members that read my blog. From KatieO. at BoppaDingDing: Gratitude Garland where you cut out paper leaves and write something you're thankful for on each. My family, including my visiting parents, did that. we then had all the leaves spread on our table, words down (they were the centerpieces). Then we'd take turns flipping them over and reading them while we ate. Thank you, Katie, for passing that on!

Diane from Fit to the Finish shared the idea of "story in-the-round" where each person takes turns writing parts of a story. This is our story:

(Grandma) Once upon a time, there lived a great big turkey on a great big farm. His name was Henry but everyone called him Hank. (Marie, 8) But all of a sudden there was the farmer holding a shotgun (Thomas, 10) and he lowered his gun and said to wash the dishes. "If you don't, then you need to scrub the toilet," said the farmer.
(Me) "well," said Henry, I didn't earn the name 'Hank-the-Tank' for nothing!"
And with that, Henry ran as fast as he could towards the farmer and plowed into him like a line-backer on a football team. In a cloud of feathers, the farmer fell to the ground and his gun flew in the air.
(Grandpa) Hank's friend, Ernie, The Eagle, flew down and grabbed the shotgun in mid-air and flew off with it. Meanwhile, Hank ran into the barn and hid behind some bales of hay. The farmer got up, dusted the dirt and feathers off of him, and looked around for his shotgun. when he couldn't find it, he went and got his ax!
Hank could see the long shadow of the farmer on the ground as the farmer stepped into the doorway of the barn.
(Danny) It's over, Hank thought. There is no way I can escape!
"Henry, Henry," said the farmer. "Come to Papa! I promise I will make it quick. You will not suffer long."
Henry the turkey stepped from behind the hay and walked towards the farmer, towards its fate. The farmer smiled.
{Commercial break....}
Hank the Tank hung his head low and laid down th front of the farmer.
"Go ahead. Let's get it over with," thought the turkey. The farmer raised his arms, the ax hanging high over Hank's throat. Hank closed his eyes.
"wait!" said a voice from the doorway. A tall man was standing there. Hank opened his eyes! It was Barack Obama. "I'm here to pardon this turkey. I command you to spare its life."
Henry the turkey couldn't believe it. Obama's words were like music to his ears. The farmer obeyed and stepped away from Henry.
Henry got back on his feet and went to thank the president.
"But, how did you know I was here?" asked Henry.
Barack Obama smiled and looked up behind him...Ernie-the-Eagle was soaring high in the sky.

(The End)

we're having a great time...and no one missed the rolls, stuffing, or cider.

Happy Thanksgiving!


  1. Beautiful children, kitchen, and mommy. Happy Thanksgiving!

  2. That is a wonderful story in the round, especially the end! Ours was hilarious too and wouldn't make any sense if I wrote it out, but we thought it was quite good.

    You are lovely as are your children! Have a great weekend.

  3. love seeing pictures of your kids!

    and so glad the leaves were a success!! :)

    sounds like you had a wonderful day Thanksgiving.

    (ahem) minus the snugger pants, right? ;)