Sunday, November 1, 2009

Day-After Halloween Report

I managed to not eat any candy. Yay! I still had hot cocoa with some marshmallows, though. Actually, it's more like I had marshmallows with some hot cocoa.

Today is another story. I had candy. But at least I didn't finish off the bag of candy before trick-or-treaters came to the door (I did that one year).

Here's today's more candy today. I wonder if I should put it in the freezer or a neighbor's freezer.


  1. Not TOO bad so far, but I have an apothecary jar half full of "Fairy Gallstones" (M&Ms) and one of "Monster Teeth" (candy corn) staring at me from the hall table. Not sure which one of us is going to win:)

    Found your blog through Cranky Fitness. I'll be following with interest!

  2. Larkspur and Misfit! I recognize your names from Cranky Fitness. welcome, and I'm happy to have your input. Thanks.