Friday, January 15, 2010

C25K Week 1 and PSC Week 2 Reports

Day 1: Did it! (5 degrees F) Hills made me gasp. Time went quickly (especially the walking part).
Day 2: Did it! (20 degrees F) Got up earlier, still dark.
Day 3: Did it! (16 degrees F) Fog with 2-house visibility.

I enjoyed the fog. It was dark outside. The street lamps were a blurry glow. I could barely see two houses away. I couldn't see any houses down the hill from us, nor the shopping centers, nor the highway, nor the town across the lake. I wondered if there was a black out. I could hear the cars on I-15, but I couldn't see them.

I had my ipod. As I began down a long, dark street with just a dot of street light at the end of the tunnel, the song "Enter Sandman" by Metallica (playlist on bottom) began. Thicker patches of fog floated by me. I felt I was in a dream.

Day 1: Shrek Shake; 250 crunches
Day 2: Shrek Shake, celery and PB; 100 calf raises
Day 3: green beans and celery in veg. soup, blanched broccoli; 250 crunches
Day 4: Shrek Shake, broccoli, salad greens with bean and corn salad (yum); 100 calf raises
Day 5: Shrek Shake, spinach salad, green beans (stir fry); 250 crunches
Day 6: Shrek Shake, zucchini, lettuce on my CJ western bacon cheeseburger; didn't do the raises
Day 7: Shrek Shake, bok choy, cilantro and jalapeño; 250 crunches

There are no new PS challenges for the next couple of weeks. This will open up time to focus on other things.


  1. I love walking during those interesting weather conditions because then I just feel connected. Awesome job walking in the freezing cold!! Brrrrr. . .

  2. Great song to workout too! Great job keeping up with your goals. Sounds too cold for even my standards though! :)

  3. Keep up the good work & congrats at going for it no matter what the weather is!

  4. Good work!

    When I walk in the gym, on the track, we comment once in a while to each other about how nice it is not to have to walk out in the freezing cold. Good on ya for doing it in the freezing cold...I couldn't/wouldn't. :)