Saturday, January 23, 2010

Weekly Report and Bonus: Skating

Monday: Did it. I was having a harder time. Sluggish. Bad mood.
Wednesday: Did it. Some snow, but the roads were fairly clear. It was beautiful.
Friday: Did it. Cold and windy. Harder today.

Monday: Did it. Shaky arms afterward. I challenge myself to do a full, normal-looking push-up in two months (March 20ish).
Wednesday: Did it. Shaky.
Friday: Did it. Good workout. Skye joined me with 2# wts. and pushups.

Tuesday: Did it. Hard work! Very shaky afterward. My 4 yr old said, "Mommy, you can't do what they are doing." I mastered the downward facing tree pose, though. :-P
Thursday: Half done. Seemed harder for me today (lack of sleep, maybe)
Saturday: Slept in. The plan is to do it later this afternoon.

No-Sugar Week
Monday: Did great. Sure missed it in my Shrek shake (it helped the medicine go down).
Tuesday: Did great. Added cinnamon and a couple extra slices of fruit to Shrek Shake...better.
Wednesday: Did good. Had homemade wheat/white crepes. Didn't sprinkle sugar on them, but there was some in the batter.
Thursday: Great. Getting used to no sugar in Shrek shake.
Friday: Great. Really wanted something sweet this afternoon.
Saturday: Eh. Had cookie and part of a shake at Carl's, Jr. Passed on the soda.

Bonus: Went rollerskating on Monday.

Much more comfortable closer to the ground.

The kids had Monday off, and my daughter suggested rollerskating. We went to a place in Orem. It's been something like 27 years since I've skated. My husband, son and daughter rented skates. My 4 yr old had his scooter. I planned on just sitting on the sidelines. I honestly felt I had no business being on the floor. I'd certainly look like a circus freak hurt myself. I had a 40-something friend who broke her arm while skating falling.

After helping my kids with their laces, I sat and watched. I watched as my husband skated off with my 8-yr old daughter, holding hands. My head shouted, "HEY, I want to hold my little girl's hand and skate with her! What am I waiting for?" Then I saw a woman larger than me rolling on by. She was such a great example (and didn't look like a circus freak). I rented my skates, practiced on the carpet, then took my solo flight...unapologetically myself.

It was so much fun sprinkled with terror, especially when the little kids start going in the opposite direction! But, I eventually got to hold my little girl's hand while gliding on the rink. I felt I was floating on cloud 9: happy to be with her, happy to be with my family, happy I overcame some mental barrier, happy I did it. No more sidelines for me.


  1. FUN! I haven't gone roller skating in forever! Now I want to go :)

  2. Gina I'm so glad you took the plunge and did it! I really like your picture too. Looks like you had fun!

  3. Wow, it has been just as long since I have been rollerskating! My kids don't even know what a rollerskate is, just rollerblades. They look at me like I have gone mad whenever I try to explain the 4 wheels. LOL.

    I do rollerblade with my kids all the time. They talked my into buying a pair 2 summers ago and I am hooked. Great workout.

  4. Sounds like you've had a great week! Rollerskating looks like fun but I think rollerblading is easier, feels like I have more control. I'm glad you got out there and joined in the fun. That's a great picture of you!


  5. I've never tried rollerblading. Easier? Fun? Hooked? I can just see myself with the helmet, knee pads, elbow pads, and wrist pads. I'll wrap myself in bubble wrap for good measure.

  6. Good goin' Gina!!! I could identify with"fun sprinkled with terror" and the kids going in
    the opposite direction (at YOU!)....reminded me of school days - scrambling towards my classes and kids scrambling towards theirs in opposite directions.....surprised there weren't more "collisions." Very nice photo, too. Looked like a happy day.

  7. I LOVE IT! Good for you for getting those skates on your feet and joining in the fun. Great post...and it sounds like you have had an excellent week! Here is to another one just like it. :)

  8. What a great shot! You are quite the cutie. I'm so glad you got out there and had fun.