Wednesday, January 6, 2010

PSC Day 6

I did my 5K...not at 5 a.m., though. I stayed up late enjoying every minute of my birthday.

Husband gave me an ipod...we had a used one found in the airport parking lot without buds or cables. Anyway, he charged it, borrowed cables and bought some buds for me and downloaded most of my playlist songs. I used it today for my walk and it was incredible. What a difference tunes can make. I shaved 7 minutes off my walk. Great gift!

I probably looked dorky walking along singing (quietly at least) occasionally air-drumming (I used to play drums and find it difficult not to "play.") MizFit's logo "Unapologetically Myself" kept ringing in my head. So sing I did.

Have your ears ever been zapped while wearing ear buds? This is my first experience with an ipod. Maybe it was the dry air and static electricity with my snow hat and gloves, but occasionally both of my ears would get zapped where the ear buds were...especially when I touched my nose. It hurt, but it was amusing.


  1. Happy pod-ing. Never be bored again! What a charming picture of you above. Love your apron. I am psyched for your success with this no-kidding challenge. Not a cake walk and look at you go.

  2. I love the new pic! You look great!!! :) I bought my husband and ipod for his birthday but we kind of share now. Well, actually I took it over. But I love it! I haven't been shocked yet or anything. I wonder if yours are defective?

  3. I LOVE MY iPOD! Seriously, it is a MUST-HAVE for working out. And I've been shocked, too. I'm pretty sure it's just a dry Utah winter thing. I would just moisturize like crazy and maybe run a dryer sheet over your hat and gloves.

    (and happy late birthday!! :)

  4. Never been shocked...but I walk indoors so far. Interesting.

  5. Nice gift!
    I love listening to music while on my walks, it makes a big difference.
    I'm sorry but I couldn't help laughing a little while picturing you out on your walk air-drumming and getting your ears zapped :). I've never been zapped by ear phones.