Monday, January 4, 2010

Happy Feet and 5at5 Day 4

I purchased some quality sport shoes today. There's a small shop about a mile down the road from us called 26.2 Running Company. I am so happy I went. They video taped my running and analyzed how and where I plant my feet and at what angle. From that they know how much support is needed and where. They also know a lot about plantar fasciitis.

Feet feel great.

Did you know we shouldn't wear our training shoes all day? we should put them on just before we work out to maximize the benefit and protection our shoes give us. The cushioning system/padding gets compressed from our weight over time and needs a decompressing period.

I stayed up way too late again last night. I started getting up this morning and felt horrible. I rationalized that there are two 5:00's in a day, so I'll just take the later one and went back to bed. (I know...)

I also wanted to wait and get my new shoes.


  1. I would really like to go to one of those type of stores that fit you for shoes like that. I'm not sure if they have one in Michigan where I live though.

    Did you know that a lack of sleep can effect your weight loss? I'm just sayin.' :)

  2. I've heard that (about the sleep) and can understand why. There's probably more scientific reasons, but for me I just can't think or focus or even care about making changes when I'm drained. It's also hard to have energy for exercise. Bring on the sugar!

  3. Gina, YES, use your workout shoes for your workouts & they last longer that way too! You can always buy special inserts for your evry day shoes as well. AND YES, lack of sleep is bad too! Did you get to the workout on that 2nd 5:00? Hope so! How did the shoes feel?

  4. I did get the 3 miles in, and the shoes felt great. Thanks for checking in on me.

  5. OMG. "There are two 5's in each day"

    You crack me up!

    Your shoe shopping experience sounds amazing. So technical!

    Kinda makes me want new shoes. I don't need them yet though.

    Go to bed! =)

  6. You know, I bought new shoes about two months ago for working out/running and I only wear them for that. I use my other tennis for everyday tennis wearing. Interesting that you pointed out that about the cushioning needing a break from this 209-lb lady. LOL I just didn't want them to wear out too fast. :)